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  • Eric

    BE still my beating Curmudgeon heart, I think I am in LOVE!!!

    The WOOD!
    The STONE!
    Those FLOORS!
    The GARDENS!

    There is so much wonderful amazing beauty to this house, I could write pages about it were I Not fearful of the posting goblins :/ Well might as well remark on the Best features of it. The wood work and the stone work are truly breathtaking. THIS Is an example of such beauty done RIGHT!

    All of those modern, faux-wlegant houses that try and pull of a historic look with mere ‘hints’ at detail or stonework tend to do things on the cheap. Here you can see every panel, every inlaid piece of stone floor, all of it is true artisan craftsmanship.

  • Daniel

    Eh. I find it ugly inside and out. Exterior looks like a restaurant complete with a wheelchair ramp and parking for 100 cars. Like honestly, why is there so much driveway? Interior is…confusing. The floors, the woodwork, the murals – all together it is too bold IMO. I do love the wood paneled living room, but I hate the bowed ceiling. The staircase has to be based off an Escher drawing. Office looks like a something you’d find in a mortuary. Kitchen looks terribly unwelcoming. I only like photo 8 because of the azaleas(?).

    • Eric

      I will agree about the drive being over the top…
      I can htink of no reason to have such a long, twisting driveway, it must take 5min or more just to get home. And the “parking lot” comment seems quite apt. If I had this property, one of the first things I would do would be to make a ‘short cut’ and re do the drive way. Hopefully doing so without taking out any of the trees ( I Love a property with thick dense trees)

      As far as the interior. Well purely from a historical viewpoint I’d consider this a work of art. And as we know I LIKE Dark, rich wood and dark colors, especially in a historical house like this.

      I will say this, the information says “Glass tiled Swimming pool”
      Didn’t see any pics of it, so I am guessing it is in a basment?

    • Daniel

      And we can add the two distinct sets of 3-car garages as another poorly designed feature. Perhaps the left side of the home is a giant addition? Either way, I don’t like it.

  • Grrrowler

    As Eric pointed out, there are some beautiful details, but it’s too much. There’s too much driveway, too much parking in the front, too much competing pattern in the interior, too much of a lot of things. I do like that many of the details are original, and get that they were installed in the over-the-top 1920s. I’d like the interior better if it weren’t filled with the most banal furnishings, which only make all the detailing look that much more over the top. The exterior really isn’t bad, once the giant parking lot at the front is removed, although the bizarre sloping roof over the entrance stairs is just horrible.

    • Eric

      Having visited Ohio as a kid, I can tell you a lot of big houses have roofs and porches like that to keep snow from building up. This place is near Akron Ohio which gets a LOT of heavy snow.

      The interior furnishings are not TOO bad, really I was expecting to see gilded fancy overly ornate furniture everywhere and was a little relieved to see more ‘simple’ fare. As for the conflicting details, well as stated it WAS done in the 1920’s there was a lot of over the top styles and flare in that time period.

      Really with the faults it does have, I would still take htis over a dozen modern mock-historical wrecks we so often see.

      • Grrrowler

        I’m with you on appreciating the exuberant 1920s style details and craziness. My complaint is with most of the furniture being at odds with the house, instead of complimenting it. Some of the living room furniture looks good, but other rooms have just awful stuff in them. I’m envisioning some of the rooms with different furniture, and there are so many opportunities for stunning, jaw-dropping spaces. A lot of the details are really interesting, but they need to be done justice, and they need to be tamed.

        I agree with Daniel that the garages on the left side of the entrance are an eyesore. After looking closer I’ve decided that the back of the house would make a better front than the current front. Unfortunately the current front facade just ruins the whole thing.

  • Puresouthern

    Since I have just arrived back from Biltmore ( I had not been in years) and enjoyed the drive into it and the anticipation you feel………….I appreciate this drive. When the trees have leaves I bet this is a very pretty drive. This is lovely. I love the details.

  • Limedaiquar

    I only like the woodwork in the living room. Everything else is atrocious

  • Venom

    It’s called a private racetrack. Also if you have a large party with hundreds of guests and limos also, that huge parking area will show its usefulness quickly. I think it is a beautiful house, a gorgeous property.

  • Kenneth

    ~ The separate Bedrooms Hers & his – That’s a big “TURN OFF” . Unless your wife is frigid or your looking for grounds for a divorce .

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