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  • Eric

    Ok, so the fact that this house has,
    A: a Double staircase in the entrance, and
    B: is being built in Dubai,

    I am willing to predict with near certainty that the finished house will contain…
    Massive two story rooms that waste huge amounts of space,
    A floorplan that will make your head spin
    And of course, Gilded Gold EVERYWHERE. 😛

  • Daniel

    All the warmth and homeyness of a convention center.

  • Grrrowler

    I realize it’s still a construction site, but I’ve seen abandoned buildings that looked more welcoming. I love that A/C is listed as an amenity; in Dubai, that’s not an amenity, that’s a requirement.

    Even though it’s known that I’m not a fan of horseshoe staircases, I find this one particularly weird in that the columns intrude on the treads.

  • Teddi

    Thank you. I couldn’t really understand why a/c was being listed as if it were a big deal. It’s a hot country and it’s a multimillion dollar mansion. It’s an expectation. To me it’s the equivalent of saying there are doors and electricity.

    I can’t tell how warm and homey it’s going to be yet. I’ll reserve judgment and hope to be pleasantly surprised. But what I’m seeing so far I do not like. I don’t like the 2 marble columns in the staircase, I like it even less that they are 2 different colors. I can’t imagine that portends anything good decor-wise.

    The price is unbelievable to me. $10M for 40,000 square feet? Is that the unfinished price? It seems ridiculously cheap for that amount of square footage. Georgia’s real estate is ridiculously cheap and you wouldn’t find that price for a house that size unless it was in foreclosure. I got the impression Dubai real estate was pricey.

    • Grrrowler

      You will note that electrical fittings, kitchen fittings, ceramic tiles, and A/C ducting are all also included. This place will be ultra luxury with all those features, and they’re included at no extra charge!

      • Teddi


        You mean to say they is a kitchin? And the outhouse is inside? Whachu need all dem fancy highfalutin t’ings for?
        I’ma get me a place with A/C an ‘lectricity one day. An’ a gold bucket to spit my tobacki in. I’ma be high class all the way. Don’t need me none ah that odder stuff

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