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  • Eric

    I remember seeling this elsewhere recently and.. Before anyone scoffs… 12,000 Square feet near Central Park IS nearly a fair price. I have seen apartments in NY for less than half that size sell for similar amounts, so price is not TOO bad…

    That said… The interior is HORRIFIC!
    The home was built in 1887, but looks like the interior was made in 2007!
    WHY Would you buy some historical property and GUT the interior like this! WThere are plenty of other large modern homes for those that have the cash.

    When I think about what the house USED to look like, the molding, the extensive wood carvings, the gilded glass work and light fixtures… Why I just weep inside for what must have been lost to histroy…

  • Daniel

    Echoing Eric’s statement, call me crazy, but the interior as-is probably didn’t look this way in 1887. Unless the interior was a burnt out carcass of a shell, there is no excuse to completely obliterate every single piece of architectural design from that era. Some modern furniture would have been appropriate. This is a travesty. Facade looks lovely but I sure as sh*t would not pay $37 million for this ultimately lazy reconstruction.

  • Grrrowler

    Love the exterior, hate the interior. I know CPW is desirable these days, but I’m simply not and East Side kinda guy. As Eric said, it’s tragic that any period details were stripped out. I’m guessing that was done decades ago when heavy wedding cake interiors went out of style, but it’s still sad that’s it’s gone.

    I do like the kitchen, but that formal dining room doesn’t look very formal to me. On the plus side, there’s no need for a butler’s pantry since the whole kitchen IS the butler’s pantry! The master bathroom looks like a very long walk from the bedroom. I pity the person who has to stumble their way through that maze just to take a wiz during the night.

  • Teddi

    I really wish they would stop advertising “historic” mansions when they look like that. This is worse than that “historic” London mansion from a few weeks back. Seems the only thing left from the 19th century here is the facade. At least give us a warning. This real estate Jekyll and Hyde thing is disturbing.

    As for the interior, if they want someone to trek from the master bedroom down to that bathroom, it needs to look a helluva lot better than what they have in place. At the very least make the trip worthwhile. Though, to give credit to this place in relation to the similar structure we saw from Surrey, at least someone knew enough to put a door in front of the toilet.

    I don’t understand how something so eye-catching, delightfully aged and distinguished from the outside can look like that inside. No regal moldings, no majestic stairs, no charm, no warmth. 12,000 square feet of total buzz kill. I assume the $37 million is for the location, size and outer structure. I wouldn’t give them a penny for what horror they did to the interior. Did someone really think ultra modern was the way to go in a building more than 120 years old? We don’t have to stay mired in the past, but can we give it just a modicum of respect?

    • Eric2

      Wanted to make a huge post about the history of the place I found. Seems it was gutted and “modernized” in 2006.

      Hope I get the chance to repost the rest of it later >:(

  • mak

    I want to PUKE my guts out when I see this. Fuck whoever did this. Jezuz H. Christ.

    • Teddi

      I love your way with words, Mak. Very succinct but very effective

  • Eric2

    Wow, I have tried all morning and so far NONE Of my attempted posts seem to show up, the posting Goblins are REALLY Bad recently 🙁

    • Teddi

      I’m really surprised it allowed me to post. It’s been getting out of hand recently.

  • Venom

    Did some idiot from London come over and ruin this place? Looks like one of their hack jobs.

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