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  • Chase

    Got to be one of the worst home theatres I have seen.

  • Sean

    Isn’t this A-Rod’s house?

  • Daniel

    Ah yes, the flippers dream scheme. Buy a waterfront lot and built something relatively cheap and then ask 4 or 5 times what you have in the place. Besides the bathroom, this place is a boring white box…on stilts. Why would they put it on stilts? Do you have any idea how many ants, mice, snakes, roaches and other critters are going to call that guesthouse home? Terribly overpriced and a sham of a building. Next!

  • Mark

    Isnt this Hulk Hogan’s old house that they lived in on the last season of their reality show when Brooke wanted to be a singer and they moved to Miami?

  • WrteStufLA

    @Sean … A-Rod’s former home — he sold it in May for $30-mill — is located further north in Miami Beach on North Bay Road. This house is on Star Island, still home of Gloria Estefan, former home of Rosie O’Donnell and several other celebs over the years.

  • Grrrowler

    Considering that I’m not a fan of white, this almost all-white house just doesn’t do it for me. I like the main pool area (but don’t love it), and that’s about it. The “home theater” is laughably bad.

  • Teddi

    I thought it was my ingrained bias making me hate it. Good to know I’m not on my own with this one. It’s another white and glass square house that looks like it was modeled from Legos. Enough already.

    This is going to be a redundant statement, but whatever. Maybe an aspiring architect will read this and “get it”.

    If you have neither the space nor money for a proper theater, leave it out. I’d rather see a kickass TV room with a large screen, than a “theater room” that looks like this one, which clearly looks like either an afterthought or they ran out of space/money. They’ve put it in just to say you have a theater room. And for $37 million, a serious buyer would expect one, but not one that looks like that.

    A buyer is going to walk into this house and leave remembering how much that room sucks rather than remember any positives this house may have. For instance, I would remember that hideous home theater instead of remembering that it has a dumbwaiter that goes up to the master bedroom. And when I visit another $30M+ house that has a proper theater (and no dumbwaiter) I’ll be comparing the two rooms and this one would look even worse by comparison.

    Besides, not every buyer wants the traditional theater set up. We’ve seen enough high end homes with media rooms that don’t look like movie complexes to know that’s true. As long as there is an assigned space with enough room, that’s properly decorated and with state of the art electronics, that would go a much longer way than to claim there’s a theater room and then show them this.

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