Location: 200 Bridgeview Lane, Stevensville, MD

Square Footage: 23,000

Bedrooms & Bathrooms: 8 bedrooms & 10 bathrooms

Price: $34,500,000

This fairly new waterfront mansion is located at 200 Bridgeview Lane in Stevensville, MD and is situated on 18 acres overlooking the Chesapeake Bay. It features approximately 23,000 square feet of living space with 8 bedrooms, 10 bathrooms, 2-story foyer with sweeping staircase, main hallway with groin ceilings, formal living room with coffered ceiling and fireplace, formal dining room with gold leaf ceiling, great room with custom built-ins and aquarium, home office with silk walls and alcove, paneled library with custom built-ins, gourmet kitchen with butler’s pantry and breakfast room, billiards room, pub room, recreation room with stage, massage room, home theater, gym, game room, 5-car garage and more. Outdoor features include a large stone terrace/patio, swimming pool with spa, kitchen gazebo, shooting range, private pier and beach.


  • Limedaiquar

    First of all, hats off to the photographer. These are some of the most crisp, gorgeous photos I’ve seen of any home. I thought they were CG renderings.

    2nd, this house is not even worth half of this

    The exterior is a total let down. It would’ve looked better without the giant portico. To me when you have a symmetrical center of the house and a wing attached on one side. It ends up looking cheap. They should balanced the left side out with a wing or hide the other side with some trees or something.

    The millwork and the beams in the rooms are gorgeous, I dont agree with some of the decor of the house, (dining room curtains, scratch that. ALL of the curtains). I also think they should raise the ceilings on the ground floor about 4 ft.

    The master suite is wow, the closet is divine, and the bathroom looks nice and spacious. And that bar is straight out of Wrigleyville. Lol at the cliche butler statue though.

    Oh, and nice view!


  • Eric

    I wish the photos had been better organized on that site.
    It SAYS “92” photos, but most of those are duplicates it seems, and they are mostly “out of order” You will see pics of the kitchen, and then 29 pics down the road, find more pics of the kitchen etc.

    That aside, the house is rather quite nice. A few things I noticed that made me chuckle however, it seems to have THREE offices, although maybe they are listed as “Library, Study, Office” they look similar… And naturally I love the one with the dark rich wood the most.

    Despite it being right next to the sea, The landscaping seems quite nice, I like the gardens in the back, and there is a respectable amount of open grass for being on the coast.

    There are a few odd rooms. Pic 64 of the series has a room that looks like it might have been a cinema room. No windows, dark walls and some couches in it.
    Pic 78 looks like a Disco Dance hall! I am guessing that must be in the basement area (I Hope) The outdoor gazebo area in Pic85 loos nice. Except it also looks sunken into the ground, which makes me wonder what happens when it rains hard.

    The interior needs a LOT of work, I see a lot of wall paper that simply HAS to go. The master bathroom hurts my eyes! What is up with that GIANT floor mirror? Or those crystal curtains around the shower? Also, what is with the trend of having a Huge Bathtub right in the middle of the room? It wastes space and is impossible to feel private, I would feel far too exposed being naked in something like that.

    Over all the place looks huge and looks ot have a LOT of little rooms (something I love) Sadly it is yet another example of a house that would REALLY benefit from showing us the floor plans.


    • Teddi

      If you go to the virtual tours and do the panoramic views, pic 64 is actually in the theater. It’s a lounge area behind the theater seating. I think that was a waste, either put in a concession stand or add more theater seating. I’m not really sure why you’d need a sitting room to the rear of the theater, too far lowered to see the screen.

      I can’t remember where I saw this house before, but if I remember properly, part of the lower level was described and it was to be like a nightclub. Hence the dancefloor and stage and club-like seats.


  • Daniel

    Looks like a very respectable nursing home. Honestly, it looks like it was plucked from some McMansion community in Tennessee, lack of landscaping and all, and dropped onto the parcel. Price is laughable.


  • Grrrowler

    They want HOW much?! Yeah, it’s on the bay and all that, but that price is ridiculous.

    The front of the house is simply awful. I’m not sure there’s a strong enough word to describe how much I dislike it. Let’s start with “loathe”. At least the garages weren’t placed right in the front, so that’s something. The back is somewhat better, but it’s still not good. I like the staircases, but the whole facade is unbalanced.

    The inside is a surprise. It’s not groundbreaking but it looks like someone spent some time on it. Comparing this to the typical beige McMansion we see, there are actual colors and textures in a lot of the spaces. That alone gets it some extra points. I don’t understand the light fixture/beaded curtain thing in the master bedroom and someone went a little crazy with the potted plants, but in general there are some nice spaces. I think the interior is nicer than a lot of other houses we see here. Then again, it’s going to take a lot to make up for the exterior, and the price.


  • Teddi

    That front facade makes the exterior look lopsided. It’s just off-looking. But even if it was properly symmetrical, I still don’t like the style of it. I think Daniel is right, the closest thing I can compare it to is what I expect to see at a southern nursing home.

    I really like the inside. There’s a lot more to like than dislike. Even with the few misses in the decor, they are easy fixes. I think my biggest complaint would be about the kitchen. I don’t like those single, long, narrow islands. Just seems like a galley kitchen that’s been opened up, but it’s still one narrow maneuvering area. And a single sink isn’t making me like it any better. The sink right in front of the range is going to get irritating and inconvenient really quickly unless only one person uses that kitchen at a time.

    The lack of a catering kitchen is one of the few misses for this house. Based on the rest of the house, it’s evident that they do quite a bit of entertaining. One galley kitchen with one sink doesn’t cut it.

    I have to say I’ve never seen a dry mansion before. No wine cellar, not even a wine fridge. Even the bar in the basement is a coffee and juice bar. Tres strange.

    I love the fact that there are multiple offices. I’ve never understood one office in a mansion. There’s a large butler’s pantry plus another space for china storage. I really love houses that think about storage spaces and not just size of the house.

    His AND her walk in closets PLUS dressing room! It’s great to see a house that gets it! I don’t think I’ve ever seen a laundry room with that much counter and cabinet space. Not to mention the size of the room itself, so I would have liked to see a center island in there and another set of W/D’s. One pair doesn’t cut it.

    But really, I freely admit to nitpicking here. If I never had to see that front exterior I’d consider this a winner. Love the layout, the spaciousness of all the rooms, the flow, love the semi-formality yet comfortable feel of it. Definitely one of the better interiors we’ve seen.