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  • Eric

    After the HORROR of the ‘renovation; of yesterdays historical NY Mansion. This is a welcome breath of fresh air! Not that is all that good mind you…

    NO pics of bathrooms
    NO pics of bedrooms
    Only three really room pics excluding the staircase…

    WHY Do people do this? How can you hope to sell a 17,000Sqft house with a handful of pictures? The add says the home has a pool with a grotta, I LOVE Grottos! They are often silly and whimsical. Too bad we don’t get to see it!


    GREEN Kitchen? Who thought THAT was a good idea???

    • Jason

      address is 188 Long Neck Point Rd, Darien, CT 06820

      Zimbio says it was last sold in 2000 for $8,900,000.00

      • Teddi

        WHAT?? How much renovation did it have? I’m guessing 10 mil max, and going for a 10 mil profit

  • Teddi

    Anyone else see the irony of this estate being actually NEWER than the CPW mansion? This was built 8 years after CPW and look at the difference. Renovated doesn’t have to mean obliterated.

    I love it. It isn’t my favorite home of this type we’ve seen featured, if I lived here, there are a few things I would change, and the staircase has me puzzled. Seems abbreviated. Like it went up half a floor and stopped. But I’d take it any day over the glass one in CPW.

    I look at these rooms and I get an old-timey, charming, semi-stuffy sense of history. I looked at the pics before I read the descriptions, and even without knowing the year built, I knew it wasn’t any time in recent decades. Though it may well have been built by someone who wanted to spend an inordinate amount of money to give it that ‘presence’, it was not.

    Everything feels warm and well lived in. I love that. I think about C&C decorated homes, and while esthetically very pretty, I always think, I’d be afraid to sit anywhere much less live there. This home feels like old money, but comfortably so.

    • Eric

      I completely agree with you in terms of seeing one historical interior preserved, and another lost, a shame the goblins eat my replay to that house from the other day.

      I am a big fan of “Stuff old-timey” interiors, that ones that are often called “Dark and overbearing” . Part of the allure of a historical building is the feel of the wight and heft of history. the ‘Lived in’ feel is also so very important. So many modern houses look like, ‘models’ things that look pretty, but are stile, have no life. If you lived in them, they would break…

      This old house interiors have a wonder rich, thick feel that you can just sink into and imagine a family or a party filling it up.

      And OH is there so much to fill up with this house! It wasn’t too hard to find on Google Earth, it is either “192” or “190-ish” on long neck point road. And it is a MONSTER! Far larger then the other mansions in the area, and on a far larger plot of land! It makes me hunger all the more for greater interior shots

  • Daniel

    God it’s beautiful. The exterior and the living room are what dreams are made of. The kitchen and library, not so much. Put some money and time into this and it will be a stunning property.

  • Grrrowler

    Gorgeous. I’ll give this one a pass on the double staircase since it’s elegant and doesn’t come across as trying to impress. I would bring a little more character and energy to some of the furnishings, but the rooms themselves are beautiful. This oozes old money, class, and style. Comparing this to the previous Miami house, for $5 million less . . . well, there is no comparison.

    • Teddi

      LOL! I wondered if you would give that staircase a pass. I figured you would.

      • Grrrowler

        See, I’m not always a hardass. 🙂

        • Teddi

          Hahahahaha. I wouldn’t go that far, but as far as double staircases go this one isn’t as egregiously preposterous, could be the lack of height, idk, but I just figured you wouldn’t mind it

          • Grrrowler

            You were absolutely correct! It’s definitely the lower overall height, but this double staircase makes me want to go up it and see what’s on the higher level. Most double staircases just make me want to run away.

  • Limedaiquar

    The living room is the perfect ceiling height. Oh so perfect. I like the kitchen too……and that’s it. Exterior…bleh

  • Bill_in_NY

    I give this place a 9.9
    Not ecstatic about the kitchen color, but that’s nit-picking. The roof is what gets my attention. I’d prefer gables over those eyebrow dormers.

  • Venom

    Wow, just stunning. Perfect home.

  • Bill_in_NY

    Grammar correction:
    I should have said “I’d prefer gabled dormers rather than those eyebrow dormers”.

  • P.

    My aunt used to visit her aunt and uncle at this house in the 1930s, and I just shared with her this and other news articles about it, and she cried, remembering the gorgeous Georgian house that it was before this massive re-do.

  • Karen

    Is this not actually the Eric Clapton home? Usually when a house goes from 12 to 30 million in one year, it has a little help, such as this…no?


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