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  • Daniel

    Eclectic? Yes. Beautiful? Not so much.

    • Kenny Forder

      Touche 😀

  • Grrrowler

    Enough with the faux finishes already! Someone watched WAY too much HGTV for their own good. It’s a shame, because many of the spaces are actually very nice. I really love the staircase, but then the paint used on it and the archway leading to it ruin it. Even though the theater isn’t the typical setup (I’m sure Teddi will hate the furniture layout), I like that it can double as a family room, or a hookah lounge. The master bedroom is probably the most successful room, in my opinion. There sure are a lot of curtains throughout the whole house. The backyard is very pretty, and looks very private.

    But seriously, enough with the faux finishes.

    • Teddi

      The theater actually looks like a family room. As if it was set up to be a family room and they decided to add a projector and screen. I’m sure Eric would love it. And if I didn’t have my family I might like it too. But I do, so I don’t.

      Was watching a documentary on the real Dracula last week and my 11 year old cousin didn’t know how close he came to dying. “Where are his fangs?” “How can he be Dracula and he doesn’t drink anyone’s blood?” “His castle wasn’t in Transylvania?” “Was he a king?” “Did he eat those people on the spikes?” “Did he sleep in a coffin?” A one hour documentary elicited a thousand questions.

      No way could I handle this set up watching a movie. I need bucket seats and complete darkness to be able to make it through a movie uninterrupted. It’s the only chance I have of not going completely mad.

  • Scott

    It looks like 1995 exploded inside this house.

    • Teddi

      ROFLMAO!! Now that was funny

  • Teddi

    Okay, seriously…beautifully decorated? Seriously?

    Is that really the adjective you were going for, Kenny? I’d go with interestingly or unusually. Beautifully is a stretch.

  • Homowner

    You’ll spend another half a million redecorating the place !


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