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  • Teddi

    From what I can tell from the 10 subpar photos, the interior is quite lovely but they need to change their listing agent. Both the description and the photos have a lot to be desired.

    Love it when I can look at a property and get a sense of what entertaining was like in the early 20th century. You can feel the history. Of note is that President Coolidge stayed there while the White House was undergoing renovation and entertained Charles Lindbergh. I would have thought those would have been great selling points to include, especially in DC.

    The last (or current?) occupants is a women’s social group called the Washington Club who can no longer afford the upkeep on the place. The president of that club (in her own words) says: “A building that old is difficult to maintain, and very expensive.”
    Not really something prospective buyers necessarily want to hear, I bet. As of March they turned down 2 offers in the above $20M range, and expect for the house to be turned into condos, office space or an embassy. The first two would be a shame.

    I have looked and looked and cannot find any info on garage/parking space. And even with the lovely interior I personally wouldn’t want to live there on that excessively busy street smack dab next door to a Books-A-Million and across from a Barnes and Noble. Especially with that teeny tiny driveway and a front door anyone can just walk up to. Nothing screams luxury like the need for bars on the lower windows. The Iraqi embassy is right behind the estate, so I think the best bet is for it to be converted into an embassy too. The Books A Million all but connected to it is a total turn off for me when thinking of a private residence.

    • Grrrowler

      In an article I found (you may have read the same one), it mentions that yearly dues are $2,500 per person, and membership was down to 62. Even though the club must have other sources of incomes, those numbers just don’t add up to maintain a place like this.

      The lack of parking doesn’t really bother me. Living in a 100+ year old building does have its downsides, and lack of garage space is one of them. It’s not uncommon for people living in these types of houses in other large cities to rent or buy garage space in nearby building. When you need or want a car, you just have it brought over. For me the bigger issue is the very busy street and the fact that this sits in the middle of an office/retail area.

      • Teddi

        No, I didn’t see that article. The one I read was just that membership was down and they couldn’t afford the upkeep on the building. It didn’t say how much the dues were or how many members were left.

        For me, lack of garage space or parking space is one of those inconveniences that cannot be overcome by the age of a building. At least not this one. I doubt that driveway could hold 4 cars. Every event held there would be a hassle. Probably just having friends over would be a hassle. So there’s apparently no parking coupled with the mansion being on a really busy street. Double headache

  • Daniel

    The residence itself is quite stunning. Incredible exterior details, gracious interior spaces that retain their grandeur…if only that $37 million NYC townhouse followed the lead of this. The (huge) problem is what Teddi mentioned…the location. I realize it’s city living, but it’s in the middle of the city. This would make a great embassy or private club.

    • Teddi

      Agreed. THIS is what that CPW NY mansion, should have looked like. Imagine this building, with this interior overlooking Central Park. I’m betting someone would snap that up the day it went on the market. It would be an unbelievable residence to own. But as it stands now, with the bookstore and offices spitting distance away, I can’t imagine any family buying it for private residential use. Let’s hope another club takes it over so the interior can remain as is.

  • Grrrowler

    I also thought “embassy” when I first looked at this. It’s an amazing house but unfortunately the non-descript office buildings – not to mention the different retail stores – practically on top of it wouldn’t make it a great place to call home. The Dupont Circle area itself is a great place to live, but a private house of this caliber and scale no longer belongs in the neighborhood.

    The interior is gorgeous. I can only guess what the kitchen and bathrooms look like (probably top of the line and fully modern, by 1950s standards), but the public rooms are beautiful.

  • Jeff

    Wow! I used to live in DC and have passed that mansion, (and several others on The Circle, and on Thomas Circle), and often wondered how it looked inside. Quite impressive. Try to get info on the others in that area.

  • T Man

    I really do love it. Stanford White, a part of the famed McKim, Meade and White architectural firm were famous for beautiful Beaux-Arts buildings. This certainly fits in with that aesthetic. But that location is really not home friendly for a building of this caliber. An embassy would be a fine transformation. I really do hope that it doesn’t end up as condos or office space.

  • Teddi

    If anyone is interested, Sotheby’s has a video of the house up on Youtube under Patterson mansion.

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