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  • Eric

    Oh Kenny Kenny! Please tell me you have the rest of the floor plans to show us 😀

    Have to say the “shell” does not look to bad and I rather like the brick work. But I am VERY disappointed to see they went with the lazy “office building” style flat roof instead of doing the little bit of extra work needed to have a roof with a bit of “soul” to it.

  • Daniel

    It’s a quirky home. I personally would have made the entire thing limestone, not just the front and sides. The stucco parts on the rear look very cheap. The brick chimney does not belong…maybe a work in progress?

  • Eric

    Oh Kenny, Kenny Kenny!
    Oh baby PLEASE Tell me you have access to the rest of the Floor plans!
    I would LOVE to see the rest of the interior of this Monstrosity!

    • Kenny Forder

      No I don’t :-/

      • Eric

        Ah tis quite ok.
        I actually checked out their web site and it is embarrassing.
        For such a high end firm they don’t do much to show off their “products” I mean who sells a house by showing only one level or your floor plans ?

  • Grrrowler

    As usual, the copy doesn’t live up to the original “inspired by” building. Daniel’s already said it, but the stucco on the back looks just awful. Typical of these monuments to someone’s ego, it’s the largest (and most ostentatious) house in the area.

  • mac22

    While not perfect, yes the limestone should have wrapped the entire house, but the house does have some very nice proportions, the scale is great, the details are nice, overall it is sooooo much better than most mega homes. I like that they were inspired by an actual mansion instead of trying to create a behemoth without any form or structure. Also I presume the wonderful steeply pitched roof was flattened due to zoning and height restrictions.


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