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  • Tony

    Hey Kenny, that view is a bay? That looks like an ocean to me??

  • Bill_in_NY

    Hi Tony! I assume you’re referring to photo #2? That view is most likely looking south-east….Santa Monica Bay is 10-15 miles directly due east of the house, which would be off to the left more than what is being seen in that pic. 🙂

    • Tony

      Hey thanks for answering my question Bill.

  • Eric

    7600 Square feet
    1.3 acres,
    23.75 Million?

    Ye gods, I personally do no think the view is THAT Good!
    The house is ok, nothing that jumps out at me or seems overly inspired, likelise nothing that seems wrong or horrible, its “Ok”, but I do not know if it is 23 Million ok.

  • Daniel

    Looks much older than 1998, maybe 1978. Front facade is terrible because of the identical plane windows. Looks like a cheap hotel. Interior is soulless. Outstanding view.

  • Teddi

    Agree with Daniel on this. I thought really boring and devoid of any warmth or charm. But soulless sums it up pretty well.

    Less than 8k sf, tiny lot and they want almost $24 million? Why? An ocean view? To have a Malibu zip code? I think not. I’d rather get a real mansion in Palm Beach County and actually have the ocean or a canal which can dock a yacht as my backyard. This is not worth it.

    A larger house and better decor might have made this at least appear to be worth it. I guess I just don’t get it.

  • BB

    $1mm per balustrade is how they got the cost.

  • Grrrowler

    I sort of like the front facade, but I don’t love it. The view is absolutely incredible. The interior is nice, but relatively banal, and overall the whole thing is unexciting. For this kind of price, it should be spectacular.


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