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  • Justin Taylor

    I hate it. I don’t have all day so i’m not going to list all of the things wrong with this but “highlights” are

    – Bathroom roof? Do dwarves live here?
    – Master bedroom. wtf.
    – They spent all their money on the house they had none left to furnish?

    The helix looking staircase is a cool concept but the rest of the house being so dreadful ruins it.

  • Daniel

    Take notes people. This is what farm houses of the future will look like. This is obviously no more than a case study. That or it’s a new H&M store.

  • opinionfree

    I’m getting the feeling when this structure was being built, the owner wasn’t sure if he wanted a commercial or residential structure. I would love to see the floor plan. I think with some reworking (structural and decorative) this could be a very interesting place.

  • Grrrowler

    A grain silo and fallout shelter mated, and this is what was born. Although, this inherited none of the character, charm, or warmth of either the grain silo or the fallout shelter.

  • Eric

    Ye gods what an eye-sore!

    The place SCREAMS “Office Building’ In every way possible.
    From the bland, drab hallways with regular recces lighting. TO the huge open space that looks like an Office Atrium Lobby. The few funishers that the house DOES have look like they came from an office as well. Shoot even the Kitchen looks like the sort of sleek slim kitchens you see in an Office Rec room.

    And as for the basment elevator… I mean just LOOK at it! There is not a single room in the pics that I feel I would enjoy in a home.
    I Hounestly believe someone got the floorplans to an office building and tries to turn it into a house.

  • Teddi

    Who else looked at #11 and thought private wing of hospital without the warmth. There’s even the elevator with stainless steel doors at the end of the hall.

    We’ve seen some cold homes before, but this might be the clear winner.

    As for the bedroom, wtf pretty much sums it up.

  • Limedaiquar

    I don’t have a problem with people makin’ a house like this, but atleast give it some damn views. Nobody wanna see no dead trees an shit.

    • Kenny Forder

      Please clear your cache. That should do it.

      • Teddi

        Clearing the cache does not help. There is an incompatibility with this site and Chrome. It’s freezing pages and not loading properly. Whatever new security updates Chrome did is making viewing your pages a hassle. Something’s off

        • Andrew

          I’m not using Chrome yet I’m having the same problem (Firefox on Linux here… not the most recent version, but not ancient either).

  • Andrew

    Once again, slideshow not displaying properly in my browser. I wish people would stop messing around with their websites for no reason at all… Please just put it all the way it was, say, 6 months ago – it worked just fine.

  • Bill_in_NY

    Is that a ill-placed bathtub or a hideously over-sized wash basin?

    • Teddi

      Don’t think it matters. Either way it’s a godawful bathroom

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