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  • Daniel

    Call me a snob but there ain’t anything worth that much in the state. The exterior is actually nice but the front entrance and steps give off a public library feel. Interior is bargain basement…feels like a foreclosure. Home is clearly the largest for miles around and is surrounded by middle class subdivisions. By heiress and philanthropist they mean lotto winner, right?

    • W.R.Barnes

      Lotto winner, WRONG!

  • Grrrowler

    The Pennington family is a VERY established (their money is from oil) Louisiana family that has given millions to philanthropic causes. The Pennington Biomedical Research Center is not something paid for with lotto money.

    As for the house, I just don’t like it. The exterior is OK, but the interior is extremely cold and impersonal feeling. None of the rooms are appealing (to me anyway) in the least. I question whether or not anyone lives there, but there are what appear to be personal items on the office walls. Teddi mentioned the crazy-color RSF house in relation to the Montecito house, and I have to say that I’d pick either of those over this, if only for the location alone.

    The location seems like a very odd place to build a mega mansion. This is the most expensive house in Baton Rouge, by a factor of about 4, and I just can’t see it being worth that much.

    • Daniel

      Let me claify. She has the taste of a lotto winner.

      • Teddi

        Hey, don’t insult the lottery winners. When I win I guarantee my house won’t look anything like that. 😛

      • Grrrowler

        I absolutely cannot argue with that! Although saying this house looks like it belongs to lotto winner is an insult to lotto winners.

  • opinionfree

    Sort of surprising, this was built by a woman. I’ve heard of a big fish in a small pond, but this is more like a sperm whale in a bowl. If it ever sells, I would guess the final and furnished price would be in the 7 million range. I have no idea where I came up with that number, but I’ll stick by it.
    The only pictures, I like of this home, are the aerial ones.

  • Bill_in_NY

    La hacienda grande in the middle of Cajun Country? That house is in the wrong part of the USA.

  • Teddi

    Um, oookaaay.

    I will say that those aerials would keep me entertained for a good couple of hours. The house looks absolutely fascinating from above.

    I have a really hard time believing that house was built in 2006. I’m getting a very dated, grandma-watched-HGTV-and-tried-to-decorate vibe.

    It’s a 30,000sf, 17 pics and not one of those pics is of things buyers clamor to see. Not a single bedroom or bathroom photo, though there is one subpar pic of the kitchen; or should I say, they showcased a wonderful pic of the breakfast bar chairs. The gym…is it in a room or just utilizing a landing? I can’t really tell. And that’s the point, I shouldn’t have to guess. A home of this size should have a kick ass gym and an appropriate pic to show it off.

    I’m not really sure what’s going on in that theater, the formal dining room is surprisingly disappointing and that wine cellar…hell…the wine cellar was why I was gushing about the room sizes in my parlor-style RSF house. This house is almost 9000sf bigger and look at that wine cellar.
    They’re showing this mega mansion to the world in only 17 photos and they choose to waste one on that wine room instead of showing off the master suite or kitchen? Why? What’s wrong with them?

    The staircase situation did make me LMAO. It made me think someone like me and Grrrowler tried to design the house, where one person said: ‘I hate them too but people expect a double staircase in the south’, and the other person said: ‘I would rather die a thousand deaths than use a double staircase’…and…Wallah! Two formal staircases in two formal foyers.

  • Matt

    A house of this style does not belong here. its not bad from the outside though, it could use some work. There are some really nice homes not that far from here, but i don’t think they are $18 million nice..
    -14485 Highland Road
    -17078 Highland Road (especially this one)
    -17780 Pecan Shadows Drive (pay no attention to the house, the azaleas are the real showstopper here)
    -307 Highland Crossing Street (this is a well done Mediterranean)

  • Bill_in_NY

    Like Teddi, I would’ve liked to have seen more of the kitchen. It looks like it has a good work triangle (sink-to-stove-to-refrigerator). In the previous home (Montecito), the stove and fridge were just about on opposite sides of the room!
    As a former fine restaurant chef, I find that most inconvenient in a home.

  • Sam

    I assumed this house was in California when looking at the pictures, and when I heard people talking about Louisiana I had to double check to find out that this house is located in Louisiana! I am surprised.

  • Bill_in_NY

    Ya gotta love the eccentricity of the wealthy!

  • Billy Bob Barnes

    Doesn’t anyone have anything nice to say anymore? The home is lovely, and I wish it were mine. The corner location on Highland Road is a good place, and so near L.S.U. No one can drive by the estate without looking at this show stopper. Perhaps the next owner will place more of their own tastes into this great mansion. Should be easy to sell as there are so many things going for this southern beauty. Baton Rouge, don’t be surprised when Paula Pennington sells as she really knew what she was doing when this place was built.

  • Cheesus

    Wow, it’s in Louisiana, right?! omg! I thought every house was made of swamp mud or looked like a hunting shack!

    Get out of your bubble. Yes, there are diverse socioeconomic communities outside of your McDonaldized suburban CA/NY town. Jesus Christ.

  • Roxy

    Y’all say whatever y’all want! but I wouldn’t mind living in a house like that… I mean… palace… :))


    that home is huge ,it mustve been added on to over the years by looking at the roofs gotta say it is gorgeous,id need a scooter to go through it

  • Evelyn

    To Cheesus you must live in a tree house with the rest of the monkeys are you related to Cheetah? These are rich people in their own right and they can build what they want. There are more beautiful homes in Louisiana than you know of. They built a cancer research center and donate more money than you probably ever saw.Do I detect jealousy because you probably can’t wipe your own butt.

  • laci

    As someone from baton rouge I van tell you I’ve driven past this house numerous times. Its gated and very very far from the street. As for the houses surrounding I would say they run close to a million each. Its a fairly prestigious area. And for those of you surprised we also hsve a plsced called the country club of louisiansa with plenty of million dollar homes. Snoop dogg, master p, lil romeo all have houses there.


    Hi guys, I know the person who designed and decorated this home. When I lived in Baton Rouge, I gave extensively to the Baton Rouge Symphony, and so does Mrs. Paula. After the big symphony event every year all the sponsors were invited to Mrs. Paula’s home for a reception and a meet and greet with the celebrity performer(s) that were hired for the concert. The last event I attended was with Natalie Cole, and the home looked just as it does in these pictures. I will say this, you are only seeing the parts of the home that she will allow the public to see. The private living quarters are amazing.

    For those of you who are downing this home as being bargain basement, I’d love to know where you shop.

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