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  • Daniel

    Ummm…not a fan.

  • opinionfree

    Remembering what Mom taught me: if you have nothing nice to say …
    The first photo is lovely. This house is hidden from sight, behind overgrown foliage and everything about it should stay that way.

  • Grrrowler

    Picture 1 doesn’t look bad. The rest is not as lovely. The interior, with the exception of the dining room, is borderline kitsch. It’s the real estate equivalent of taking an 87 year old woman and slapping a bunch of vividly-colored makeup on her. Where’s the roaring 20s charm and style?

    I didn’t realize the flats had gotten so expensive, but there’s no way I’d pay this much for this house when are there nicer less expensive houses in Bel Air and all parts of BH.

    • Grrrowler

      OK, I take that back. I was looking at pics on my phone and didn’t see all the details. The dining room does not deserve amnesty; it’s just as bad as the rest.

  • Bill_in_NY

    Pass….I’d be more interested in the Tudor directly across the street.

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