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  • Teddi

    Well, since rustic is a decor style I detest, I can’t really be objective here. Except for that kick ass garage, I pretty much hate everything about the house. I would need someone who can appreciate this style to be the judge. I definitely can’t be fair.

    But LOVE the land. So much land, ponds and brooks and untouched trees. Lovely, lovely, lovely. I had a romantic moment remembering The Bridges of Madison County when I saw that covered red bridge in miniature.

    However, this is Georgia. You can get a whole lot of land (with the babbling brooks and everything) for not much money (relatively). Kenny Rogers’ retreat is on almost 1,000 acres and it’s under contract for $8M. And while the buildings do need upgrading, between the guest casitas and main house, it has 22 bedrooms, dining halls, 2 tennis courts, 2 swimming pools, barn, stables and a golf course. If I’m comparing apples and apples, I’m going with whichever gives me more land for less money. That and the rustic thing just isn’t for me.

    • Eric

      I find myself torn between my intense love of VAST TRACTS OF LAND! And my intense dislike of living anywhere in the Southern US 😛

      In all seriousness, “Kenny Rogers” retreat aside, this is another deal that would make a wonderful resort/getaway/ranch place.

      The place already comes with four other houses you can rent out. Turn the main house into a “Clubhouse/hotel lobby” And build a few dozen more smaller lodges and such.

      Personally I am not a huge fan of ‘Rustic’ myself, but Ihave to say this house has several parts I quite like…
      The Pool/Bar room looks likes something right out of the 1800’s and gave me an instant thrill ((As we know I love ANYthing more then 100 years old))
      The front entry with that huge circular window is also a nice surprise and something I would say is creative at least. A lot of big houses give me a “Ho-Hum” feeling, this one, at least has parts that don’t just seem cookie cutter from a generic McMansion catalog.

      OH Also Teddi! I finally came up with a way to exchange E-mails. I’ll post more if you see this post or not.

  • Daniel

    Let’s just call it what it is: a Longhorn Steakhouse with covered parking. The house just happened to be there and they decided to leave it.

    • Teddi

      OMG, I’m having the worst migraine, and you just made me laugh so hard I thought I was going to die. I should know better than to read your posts when I’m in pain. 😛

      • Daniel

        Yikes. If you’re in the states than I suggest locking yourself somewhere without windows…the fireworks ain’t gonna help!

        • Teddi

          They’re illegal where I am, and yet, either someone doesn’t know or doesn’t care. I may as well be in NY or DC. He seems to have bought out an entire store. LOL.

  • Mak

    Can someone tell me who owned the Milton Robson car collection? This is what is parked in the garage, but much of it was sold off back in 2010.

    Plenty of parking around that garage, so it must have been frequently open to the public.

    • Grrrowler

      This IS Milton Robson’s estate, He sold most (if not all) of his cars in 2010 (for a total of $9.2 million) and some that I see in the picture of the garage here were sold at the auction; I wonder when this pic was taken. The reason there’s so much parking near the garage is that it’s not just a garage, it’s a museum

      • Mak

        I kinda thought that, but I haven’t been able to find out any info on Robson himself. There are lots of references to the car auction, but nothing about who he is (or was). Is he dead? Selling off a car collection and then a big estate like this gives the impression that he’s either broke or dead.

        Oh…and I see it was listed for 22M back in 2010…so it’s come down in price.

        • Grrrowler

          From what I can find, Robson is 71 years old and is selling his estate and car collection to move to Florida, which he may have already done. He started Milton’s Institutional Foods, apparently not long after leaving high school, and sold the company in 1995; it doesn’t seem like he’s hurting for money.

          Here’s a little article on his garage and (former) collection: http://dreamgarage.com/dream-garages/featured/milt-039-s-steel-horse-ranch

          • Mak

            Thanks Grrrowler. That’s a self made man if there ever was one. Great story behind the place.

    • Teddi

      Wasn’t this garage and collection featured on Million Dollar Rooms? If it is, they didn’t give the owner’s name then either.

  • Chase

    The cars in the photos are part of his current collection– he has rebuilt his collection since auctioning his previous collection several years ago. The reason there’s so much parking surrounding the garage is because the structure was previously an indoor riding arena– later turned into a garage after he and his wife stopped riding.

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