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  • Daniel

    The exterior is quirky but not terrible. Interior is such a let down. Like seriously, not a single Tudor inspired detail in the whole thing.

  • Grrrowler

    I think Daniel has summed it up well. The exterior isn’t my favorite, but it’s not hideous. The interior really isn’t bad, but it’s very generic. I do like the fireplace mantel in what I think is the family room (picture 5). More details like that would have made a huge difference. Instead, we get that mantel next to a plain drywall archway. The designer/builder couldn’t have put wood trim around the opening? Just another missed opportunity, in a house filled with missed opportunities to show off beautiful Tudor-style details.

  • Eric

    It… has “potential” but as said before , it seems rather “boring” inside.

    The stone patio out back looks ok. Picture “Seven” looks to be of the basement, and if it is I quite like it. (You know me, I like large plush basement ref-rooms)

    The master bathroom is interesting as well, Take down the excessive curtains and the stone seems quite nice.

    Really for me the biggest downside to this house is the fact that it seems to be jammed into another generic “Mansion Suburbia” complex. Really if I can AFFORD a mansion, the last thing I want is to have it crammed in the middle of a bunch of other similar houses with less then an acre or less of land to yourself 😛

  • Sam

    I really like this house, the only complaint I have is that the kitchen is almost too open, it doesn’t feel like its own space, more like part of the family room. I’m not bothered by the lack of inspiration on the interior, it’s just a bit boring.

  • Mak

    A mock tudor. How uninspiring it is. Exposed timber and stucco on the outside, and absolutely nothing on the interior that speaks if tudor on the inside.

    It does have, on the other hand, a huge Koi pond out back.

  • opinionfree

    I love, really love pictures 2 and 8, with all of those different staircases and landings, the wood and iron, leading to separate chambers and levels. So not-traditional for this day and time, but it harkens back to a another time of building styles. I hate that standing gaslampesque thing on the side landing, but the decorator of this home, has a thing for lighting fixtures. Really, 7 chandeliers in the kitchen, 5 hanging light fixtures in the office, just too much. Yes the exterior is a little Disney does Oktoberfest, but it is pretty. Hard to be critical of most homes in North Carolina. They have the wood, craftsmen and furniture, in state. I would bet a box of jelly donuts this home was built and filled with quality.

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