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  • Mansions & More

    I can’t say I don’t like this house, but overall it is very boring. Every room looks the same.

  • Eric

    Ok, I counted SIX fire places in that house.

    Now I LIVE In Phoenix Arizona, and on Sat it was 118 degrees out!
    Winter, such as it is, lasts about two months here 😛

    WHY anyone would want or NEED that many fire places is beyond me.

    • Teddi

      I spent a winter in Phoenix one week. It’s Phoenix so who knew I would need Alaska-wear. Can’t remember ever being so cold. Chose to go horse back riding up in your mountains on a day they said it was going to warm up. It did not.

      Took two days to defrost me.

      TWO DAYS! And I was already bundled up looking like a black Eskimo.

      They told me it was some kind of record. Whatever. Don’t care. My warmblooded behind would never buy a house there without a fireplace and central heating. You aren’t fooling me again.

      I’m sure in the summer I’d be wilting and spending all waking hours in an ice bath, but for that one week, I’ll never forget the cold. 6 fireplaces sounds A-OK to me.

      • Eric

        Ah well THERE Is your problem.
        ARIZONA is actually nice in terms of temprature. The mountains get heavy snow most of the winter, and even in summer are pretty cold. It is really only PHOENIX and the central flat area that gets the 100temp from about May through October these days.

        Love your review by the way, a lot I do, and of course do not agree with.

        The pantry of course is something I VERY much agree with, I had that same issue in my mom’s house growing up, where the pantry was down a hall from the Kitchen, my dad hated that.
        The “Flow” of the house is also a big plus for me, Open space that do not seem Cavernous, the fact it is a single story helps in that regard.
        I do LOVE The cinema as well, but that is because I prefer couches and sofa’s to the theater seating 😉

        Over all not too bad once you get some more color in those rooms 😛

        • Teddi

          I was in Phoenix. we only went up to the mountains that one day. You guys are no slouch when it comes to cold winters. At least not when I was there. There was snow in the mountains, none in Phoenix but it was still fingertips=popsicles weather.

          KNEW you would love that theater. Saw it and knew right away. I like this one too, but it won’t look so good after I shoot my family in there for chatting during the movie. Individual seats facing forward is the only way I or they will survive movie night.

          That pantry issue is a big one and it seems they’re all being built that way. I don’t know who thought it was a great idea.

          I’m okay with having some rooms semi-enclosed. Big open spaces look great, but it’s easy to run the risk of looking cavernous, yes, but worst of all, you end up with a loud house, the sounds travel everywhere. And if you’re a seafood lover like me, there are food smells in places you don’t want them to be.

  • Teddi

    You know what? I really like this house. Surprise, surprise. As far as Arizona, one story, one color homes go, this one I like. I was so busy paying attention to the size and layout of the rooms, I was half way through before I realized the serious lack of color or ‘pop’ anywhere (I take it these people love white and purple) but that can be so easily fixed. Big kitchen, big family area. Big butler’s pantry…pure heaven.

    Though I REALLY wish builders would quit having the pantries in a separate room away from the kitchen. En suites are popular because no one wants to have to leave their bedrooms to get to a bathroom. So too, no one wants to have to leave the kitchen to get to the pantry. Build a connecting door for the pantry IN the kitchen. For God’s sake it’s not rocket science. You don’t situate the fridge or oven in another room, why does anyone think it’s okay to do it with a pantry? Builders and architects, please take note!!

    Really not a fan of that rounded entrance way to the house, but at least it gave the front facade some interest and differentiation from all the other Paradise Valley homes that apparently had the same architect.

    There’s a lot of lawn, especially for Arizona, and I imagine that it’s a b*tch to maintain. Especially since I’m seeing brown spots in the pics. Warning sign. But OMG, how I love that pool and the way in which it’s silently paying homage to the desert by taking the form of an oasis. LOVE IT. Blue blue waters flanked by tall majestic palms.

    Love that theater room, even though it isn’t my style. This looks like where adults would sit and watch a Cannes Film Festival winner while sipping on overhyped wine. It might as well have a sign saying “No Kids Allowed”. Love that. Love the formality of it while still managing to look like it could be comfy.

    Big winners: Impressive butler’s pantry, large walk in closets, Good flow between rooms, and of course that pool.
    No no’s: Pantry separate from the kitchen, monotone color scheme, a fab summer kitchen with no fans or cooling systems around it; buying a house in Arizona

  • Grrrowler

    Whoever thought that making the walls, floors, and furniture all match was a good idea was terribly mistaken. That issue aside, I actually like the house. There are some interesting details, and the lightness of walls and floors could make for a cool-feeling house (considering how hot it can get). I’d change out all the furniture for something with more character and more color, and that would make a world of difference.

    Since the fireplaces have already been brought up, I would definitely want them even in AZ. They don’t always have to be used for warmth, and I love the ambiance of them. That said, I hate every fireplace surround and mantle used in this house. Those in the living and dining rooms are unnecessarily large, to the point of being obnoxious, and the one in the master bedroom is too small and frilly.

    It’s too bad it’s in AZ. Move it to Montecito and it would be great. Of course, that would involve adding another zero to the end of the price . . .

    • Teddi

      I was going to say, if only they’d put in a couple area rugs to add some color, but then I realized they have an area rug in the Master bedroom and it’s as washed out as everything else. LOL.

      The owners are obviously no longer living here so I’m guessing this was the done by stager.

      So I took another look, and I think if they stain those floors, made them darker and made them gleam like mirrors, it would transform the rooms. It’s bad enough to have light colored floors when everything else is so white, but to have dull floors is simply compounding the problem.

      • Grrrowler

        You’re right about the floors. Having them stained dark would make the light walls and woodwork “float” above them and it would be beautiful. I like the color of the floors, but here it’s just too much.

        And yes, this is obviously done by a stager, a stager with little to no imagination. He or she saw all the eggshell colored walls and light-stained floors and decided “What would make this look good is LOTS more eggshell, with a few pieces of purple thrown in. Yeah, that’ll be stunning.”

        As I’m looking closer at the pics I realize that there are a lot of HVAC vents in the ceilings, to the point of being distracting. At this price level, the vents should be integrated into and hidden by the crown and ceiling mouldings, like was done in the Woodway house shown here a few weeks ago: http://homesoftherich.net/wp-content/uploads/2013/05/Screen-shot-2013-05-07-at-1.53.22-PM.png. You can see them in the ceiling molding but they’re a lot less obtrusive than the metal ceiling vents in this Paradise Valley house.

        • Teddi

          Well then you’re ahead of me. I hate those color floors. Plus I guess when you grow up polishing your floors until they shone, back in the days when maintaining the beauty of one’s floors was a labor of love, I can’t stand the stand the sight of dull floors now. If you can’t see your reflection it’s not right. lol

  • Daniel

    I get the feeling that actually people don’t live here, just chunks of marble with matte wood for hair carved to look like people. Zero personality in this place.

  • Bella Dunn

    I love this home. My style totally. If it was not in Arizona, I would purchase it in a second. Gorgeous home.

  • Bill_in_NY

    Needs more white.

    • Teddi



  • Darryl

    I don’t understand why it is priced over $1,000 a square foot. Nothing sells for that. According to Zillow it was foreclosed on and sold for $2,650,000 in 2010. It’s a crazy price.

  • Mansions & More

    I would love to see floor plans to this house, I really like the kitchen/butler pantry/breakfast room/family room area.

    • Mansions & More

      I just noticed there is some damage to the tiles on the roof right above the front door in picture 1? lol why wouldn’t they fix that for the listing photos and i would imagine they would have potential buyers walking right through there. Not a good first impression.

  • Venom

    Color, it is thine friend, don’t be afraid to use it.

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