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  • Mak

    I think it’s so nice that the current owner has added $150K to the house price so you can pick the kind of pool you want.

  • doug

    candidate for best home in America?

  • Daniel

    Front facade ain’t bad the rest is very generic. At this price in this part of the state I expect astonishing finishes. And no pool in central Florida is a death sentence.

    • Teddi

      Let me see if I have this right. Someone built a 15,000sf mansion in FLORIDA and chose to omit a pool? IN FLORIDA??????

      Do you know how hard you have to look to find a middle class house WITHOUT a pool in Florida?

      I think that has got to be one of the craziest building calls I’ve seen here. And if you’re going to put it on the market, just go ahead and put the pool in instead of telling the potential buyer to give them an extra $150k so they can include something that should have already been there. A $10M house without a pool. They must be high.

  • Teddi

    Pool fiasco aside, on to the rest of the house. I could have done without the video showing what is essentially a car commercial in the first 20 seconds. Unless the car is coming with the house, skip the gimmick. Should have spent less on cars and more on a pool.

    6 car garage, YAY!! Screened off outside living area, good call. The exterior is typical for Florida mansions, this is better than most. I appreciate not having garage doors in my face as soon as one drives up. The interior is just like almost every other Florida mansion, in both layout and decor.

    Though everything in that formal sitting area would have to go. No, no and no. And a big NO to the butler’s kitchen/laundry room combo. If you must do that, at least move the stove away from being in front the laundry machines. For $10M I’d want to see higher end ovens than what they have in the kitchen, and definitely a larger formal dining room. Good call on the elevator. No mansion should be without one. Too many seniors in FL for a house of means not to have an elevator. But those stairs, that look like secondary or service stairs, are a disappointment.

    I would have also preferred to see a gate. If you’re going through the trouble of fencing off your entire property and putting up gate posts, go ahead and give me a gate. It’s a $10M estate after all. I seriously hate this American design feature in which any Tom, Dick or Harry can walk right off the street and up to your front door.

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