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  • Daniel

    Outstanding view, outstanding decor. Not sure if it is worth it but saying you own a three-story penthouse in The Plaza designed by Candy & Candy must be worth something. Love love love.

    • Teddi

      That is true. You have a valid point. You get a certain amount of bragging rights if you own this. Kinda like owning a condo in Monte Carlo. I guess if you’re around people that have just as money as you do, you need to have something with bragging rights that sets you apart from the rest of them. Something they can covet.

  • Grrrowler

    I like it, but for $59 million I should be in love with it. I don’t love it. The views are great and the location is superb. The terrace is woefully small; there are cheaper but nicer penthouses on 5th Ave with much better outdoor spaces. I’m sure I’ll get flack for it, but I’m bored with The Candy & Candy style. It’s not just that it’s been watered down by so many copies, it’s that it really hasn’t evolved much over the years. All that said it’s a nice apartment but not my favorite.

    • Grrrowler

      I looked closer at the pics (not on a mobile device this time) and I have to say that the best way I can think to describe the interior is exquisite. The details are beautiful and the overall interior is clearly several steps above a C&C knockoff. I’m still a little bored with the style, but it’s a gorgeous apartment. Maybe not $59 million worth of gorgeous…

  • NOVA Ben

    I’m surprised, but I actually really like this place. I’ll never be able to comprehend dollar figures that high, but this is a genuinely appealing penthouse. I also really love the way the levels are laid out…I like that the secondary bedrooms are separated from the master suite by an entire floor…if that’s not privacy I don’t know what is.

  • Teddi

    Have you ever seen a house so perfectly appointed, that if one thing were to be out of place it would ruin the entire effect? I’m getting that feeling from this place. It’ll only look good if it doesn’t appear lived in.

    I may be able to picture a meticulous couple living there, but with no kids. A teenager would be even worse.

    It’s a great address, great views, with a lot of space and bragability. And yet, there isn’t a single thing I love about it. Albeit it, I am a fan neither of contemporary nor modern designs, so I may be biased in my opinions. Even so, I’m betting the price tag has more to do with the address than the space and decor itself.

  • Limedaiquar

    Ehw, I hate everything modern

  • Cory

    Who owns this amazing condo??

  • Chicago

    $60 million for columns running through the middle of two hallways and the living room?!
    Columns are a necessary evil, I get it, but all of the great pre wars have dealt with them much more gracefully. Even most of the new concrete structure towers have hidden the columns in closets and bathrooms and next to fireplaces or bookshelves.
    Or maybe there are just three tetherball courts in this wonky triplex?

  • Chicago

    Penthouse? Attic.
    If I’m living right over central park, I want to see it! This place wants $35million more than what it sold for last year? Ha!
    All the black/brown/gray and white decor in the world doesn’t justify that price tag or make up for the fact that this place has basically no windows.

  • Venom

    The Candy brothers are a goddamn joke. Can’t believe how many idiots they have convinced that their overpriced junk is worth that money. Please show me the supposed $30+ million worth of work that they did on this to come up with this price? I could line the walls with solid gold and still not spend $20 million. That is why only idiot Russians and Arabs buy their crap, although I suspect they are really money launderers. I mean come on, they bought this place for $26 million last year and now want $59 million? A normal person with money would laugh at you for trying to pull this off, unless you were a foreign criminal that looted your country’s money and were looking to hide it overseas. I am sure it is a very complex scheme that will be revealed one day.

    My guess is the Candy Bros flip back most of the money to the buyers after the deal is done.

    I have a pretty large and expensive home and I can tell you that herringbone wood floors and marble don’t cost $30 million to put in. Even if they laughably and optimistically spent $500 a sq.ft remodeling this place, they would have only put in about $3 million. I mean we have seen John Finton homes on here and the level of quality of work he does and he said he builds for about $500 a sq.ft and this is not up to the level of his homes by far.

    • Clark.

      Its not about the apartment its about the location, its always about the location.

      • Teddi

        Agreed Clark, but I think the point Venom was making is that since the location didn’t change from last year to this, what warranted the huge price increase? Last year, the location got it sold for $26M. The location was the only thing that remained stationary, and I think we can assume that while the economy is improving, it didn’t improve enough to warrant that big of a leap. The only thing that changed tremendously was the decor. Is the work put into the decor worth $33M?

    • Daniel

      I look at it this way. The super rich are willing and able to buy 9-figure pieces of artwork, just so they can say they own it. I think the Candy brothers are really good at convincing people that they are selling “practical art”. For the price of one trophy piece of artwork, you can live in and use a piece of art. Since this apartment is being sold furnished, they can market it as a Candy work of art and probably get somewhere near the asking price. Personally, I’d much rather own an apartment or home, as overpriced as it may be, than ONE Picasso, Rothko, or Pollock. Whether or not the materials they use add up to asking is completely irrelevant in this case.

  • Doug

    Candy and Candy have misjudged the NYC market. A buyer spending this much in Manhattan will not be spending it on this attic. They purchased it a couple years ago for around $30 mil, after it languished on the market and was marred in lawsuits. They did absolutely nothing to it other than add new furnishings and paint. They have clearly priced and decorated it to appeal to the same Russian crowd they sell to in London. But they should’ve done their research because it was a Russian billionaire that successfully sued the developer for misleading this apartment in marketing materials regarding ceiling heights and columns in the middle of the room. For the same price, and in many cases less, you could get a larger, better laid out place, with better views too, at 15CPW, One57, 432 Park. Or if you can pass a co-op board, the Pierre, Sherry Netherland, or frankly any of the buildings on Fifth, CPS or CPW. This place is a hot mess for the price, and the plaza residencies have had nothing but bad press. In fact the lower floor units are more desirable and sell for higher prices because they have high ceilings, “actual windows”, real walls/rooms and not “columns.”

    I’d be very, very, very, surprised if this sold for much more than they paid for it. I mean I can assure you they did not add $30,000,000 in furnishings, and they didnt change out many, if any of the fixtures.

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