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  • Chase

    Is that brick wall in the theatre room legit?

  • Bill_in_NY

    For that kind of money…no reason why it wouldn’t be.
    I’m having a hard time wrapping my brain around why one would want to combine Art Deco and Tudor styling in the same house.
    And being in Vancouver, I wonder how often that pool/patio area gets used!
    Nice cars BTW. I hope they weren’t “staged” by the Realtor.

    • Andrew

      Sorry, but they were ‘staged’. If you watch youtube clip they have, at the end it says something along the lines of ‘cars courtesy of [some-dealership]’….

  • Daniel

    A lovely home inside and out. Living room looks a bit low though. Dining room needs a rug, but other than that, it is very nice. And the Vanquish just sweetens the deal…

  • Eric

    SO an attempt to mix Tudor and Art Deco styles? A Wonderful goal as I am a HUGE Fan of both! It would seem they did a far better job at the Tudor side then the Art Decor. Although to be fair, it is rather hard to do Art Deco properly in any modern home.

    But the home overall IS lovely!

    As stated in a previous post, I LOVE dark wood and dark colors, and this home is FULL of them! The central stair case is amazing as is the dark wood interior of the second floor landing. The Study too is quite lush and rich.

    Also I see this house has once more a cinema I approve of! With large couches to lounge back in. (Yes I know I am in the minority of this prefferance, but BAH!) Although that carpet may need a bit a work…

    The overall interior design is quite nice and mixes in the Tudor and ‘Attempt’ at Art Deco styles.

    The bigest problem I have with this house however is the exterior… With the huge pool, the big open pourches and decks, It looks as if this house was meant to be more southren… I look at a lot of those open pourches and patio areas with couches and tables, and all I can think is “”What is it like when there is four feet of snow outside?””
    Don;t get me wrong, I like a lot of those features, but for a town in northren Canada? Many of those should either be in a basement, or in a heated or at the least enclosed space…

  • Grrrowler

    I love the exterior. I’m a fan of a well-done Tudor Revival, and this is a decent one. The interior has some very nice spaces, but I wish it were a little more sympathetic to the original style of the house. That said, I don’t mind some of the more modern additions to the inside and it looks like a nice place to live.

    What I really, REALLY dislike is when agents put pictures of cars in their listings. We all get it: someone who can afford a $22 million house can afford expensive cars too. It seems pretentious, and very tacky, to put pics of them into a listing.

  • Mansions & More

    What is the purpose of having a listing photo showing the owner’s cars? Unless they are included in the deal, that seems a little pretentious, like the previous owner is trying to show off their cars or something. Obviously the buyer of this house would be able to afford the same cars as the previous owner has.

    • Mansions & More

      I just noticed Grrrowler had the same comment as me about the cars, sorry to mention it again but I didn’t see his comment

      • Grrrowler

        Great minds think alike 🙂

  • Teddi

    I’ve never been to Canada, but I think I’ve spent enough winter months in NY and NJ to wonder about the outdoor living areas here.

    Unless the outside walkways and outside living area floors are also heated, and unless the walls or overhangs contain hidden heating elements, it would seem more than a little odd to me to devote so much space and expense to a space that one would get very limited use from.

    It’s one thing to build a space that you don’t often use but an entirely different matter altogether to build a space that you often CANNOT use.

    It would have made more sense to me to take some of that space and incorporate a conservatory or orangery to the home.

    I’ve seen some absolutely stunning sunrooms with uninterrupted glass walls and a fireplace. You get all the feeling of being outside without the frostbite.

    • Eric

      EXACTLY My thoughts Teddi!
      Any location that has freezing tempratures for more then 4months out of the year should have any “outdoor” items as inside as much as possible.

      Looking at the lot from google maps, there is a fiar bit of space to use. The pool I would certainly enclose in a heated glass poolhouse. The Pourches and patio’s I would enclose as well and make heated.

    • Daniel

      I could be wrong but it looks as if those are heaters on the beams in photo 15. And I get what you’re saying about the outside, but the home may very well be used seasonally.

      • Teddi

        I’m sure we’ve all seen those crazy people jogging in a tank top and shorts in zero degree weather, but for the vast majority of people, neither Florida nor Arizona would be so very popular snowbird states if people on a whole actually got used to those kinds of temperatures.

        I’m not saying they shouldn’t have any outdoor living spaces, but they should have had either a sunroom or conservatory so that they could have experienced the best of both worlds. That summer kitchen and dining area are out in the middle of nowhere with not so much as a overhang to help guard against Mother Nature.

  • MK

    As someone who lives in Vancouver, this house is way way way overpriced! It’s in a decent area, but I wouldn’t call it the best of Vancouver. You are pretty much bordering a major highway into the city – which is never NOT busy. If you are looking for large houses and properties with exceptional views you are way better off going to West Vancouver or to the British Properties.

    The home does however have a really nice pool and the patio spaces look great! – in reply to some of the above comments about outside areas, it rarely snows in Vancouver (maybe 3 inches here and there), and the temperature in the winter is usually around 50F daily (we do get the occasional cold snap with temperatures going below 32, but they sure don’t last long)… if you are longing for snow, the ski mountains are a quick 30 minutes to the north, or better yet, whistler is only an hour north.

    • Teddi

      I’ve lived too many years in the south and Caribbean to not think 3 inches of snow “here and there” isn’t enough to keep my warm-blooded behind inside. “Rarely snows” is more like Atlanta weather where you can go entire winters without a single snowflake. THAT’s “rarely snows”.

      The minute I need a jacket, socks and mittens to be outside for longer than 5 minutes, is the minute the house needs a conservatory.

      And I’m not saying conservatory vs summer kitchen, I’m saying, have both. All the money/focus seemed to have been spent on only one option where perhaps a non-Canadian or non-Alaskan might not appreciate the lack of another.

      In any case, this gets a big fat no from me as there is no koi pond to be seen anywhere. LOL. 😉

  • ethan

    What a gorgeous home! Just stunning!

  • Blue

    Vancouver winters are very mild compared to the rest of Canada.Some years hardly any snow.Heated pool I am guessing.Might not be able to use for 2 months of the year.Notice the automated cover tucked in at the end. Heaters are above the sitting area-look in the still photos.Pizza oven & grill can be used all year.Only questionable design aspect in the whole house for me is Putting green??Really?But I don’t know what else I would put there.More plants, a fountain or an Asian style suspended lounge swing maybe.Excellent use of dark and light woods without feeling disjointed.Amazingly done house.Everything I want.You buy for me?lol.

  • Blue

    I guess you have to be Canadian to think that the outdoor space is not an issue.LOL.We build like that in Alberta and that’s where it gets below -40.One could always enclose it…if you have that kind of money j/k.It does have a glass (?) overhang in the sitting area.Whatever Billionaire purchases it should enclose it in a mostly glass structure so it doesn’t turn into a box attached to a gorgeous house.

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