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  • Daniel

    Stunning home and property. I’d just redo the kitchen and make a few minor decor changes. Question is, can a Newport property command nearly $20 million?

    • Teddi

      I know nothing about RI real estate, but I know I’d spend the $20M on this than any estate currently listed in S. FL or California. Hands down.

      Plus, pool house, guest house AND 9 acres right on the water? It’s gotta be worth in the vicinity of $20m regardless. I can’t think of anywhere this property could be placed (if it were on the water) where it wouldn’t command a 20 mil asking price…at least.

      • Grrrowler

        I could not agree with you more that I would rather have this than anything available in SoCal or Florida. This or a mock-Med on a .5 acre lot in Newport Coast? This wins. This or a mock-Med on a golf course in a swamp in So. Florida? Again, there’s no contest.

    • Scott

      Well, in 2006 Miramar sold for $17.6 million, and that was on 7.8 acres, and the house was in terrible condition. Granted, Seafair doesn’t have the cache of a Bellevue Avenue address, or the pedigree of a Trumbauer design, but I think they’re probably not far off the mark.

      • Daniel

        Hmm. I agree that the location trumps a lot of other places, but comparatively speaking, Newport homes seem to fetch far less than what I think they should. Newport seems to have fallen the most compared to other super rich locales of the 1900s-1930s. Palm Beach, Greenwich, The Hamptons, Miami, Beverly Hills, etc. are all thriving while Newport has been reduced mainly to museums. I’d love to visit one day though…

        • Dilettante

          If you think Newport has fallen, you should see the Long Island Gold Coast…

  • Mak

    What a magnificent property! This is easily one of the most spectacular properties you’ve posted here.

    • Mak

      The only thing (and it’s minor) is that it looks like this property, at one time in the past, commanded the entire peninsula that it’s built upon, but that at some point, they sold off a piece. IMHO, it would have been a far grander property if the neighboring house wasn’t so darn close.

      • Mak

        test post. my comments aren’t showing up.

        • Mak

          Ok…I guess they’re working now.

          Just to point out something:


          What does that mean? This is a condo property? There’s also a listing with the same address for a condo Unit A, for 3M.

          I wouldn’t pay 20M for a condo.

          • Teddi

            Testing. Mine aren’t showing up either. I tried to reply 4 times now.

          • Dilettante

            From what I understand, the house is currently split into condos. I think what the listing meant by “Condominium Rights Retained” is that the new owner will still retain the right to operate the building as a multi-family residence.

  • Grrrowler

    Love it love it love it love it love it love it love it love it .

    Love it.

  • Eric

    Nine acres in RI? At 19m the land alone is almost worth the price!

    I Have to say I was a bit fearful of what the interior would look like.. SO often lovely historical houses either are redone with ‘modern’ interiors, which look cold and empty, or redone with tacky over the top French inspired sillyness. Given the time periord it was built the interior shots actually look quite restrained and tasteful. The kitchen DOES Stick out like a sore thumb and is begging to be redone in similar turn of the century style.

    Going back to the grounds, I will have to say again that at 19m, they seem a bargin. A great deal of historical houses long ago had their estate land chopped up and often are mashed between more modern constructions. This one has a good amount of land, and well cared for. Certainly a house I could see myself in without too many changes.

  • rob

    Gorgeous, of course. Like all these gilded age mansions. I just wonder if this is a little too touristy. You are right on that famous beach walk where all the Newport mansions are. You could not recreate this today.

    • NOVA Ben

      Yes, it’s reasonably close to the famous Newport mansions by car, but you won’t have random people wandering up to your door thinking it’s a home they can tour. It’s far enough away not to be confused with those homes.

    • Scott

      The Cliff Walk ends at Bailey’s Beach, well before you get to Seafair; the terrain is far too rugged there for tourists to be traipsing through your backyard.

    • Dilettante

      Also, this house isn’t technically a “Gilded Age” mansion since most people consider the Gilded Age to have ended in 1912, while this house was built in 1936.

  • Venom

    This is amazing. Wow. Well worth the money.

  • Tony

    This is a nice house. I don’t totally like the exterior but the interior is nice and the grounds and views are amazing.

  • Jason

    extraordinary!! I have a summer trip in late summer that will take me to Connecticut and Newport, RI. i can’t wait to see all the mansions in those areas. here is a page with 100+ pics and a really poor floor plan.


    • Eric

      Bloody Hell!

      You are my new favorite person Jason!
      THAT Is how you show off a house! not just maybe a few pics, or maybe even one pic of each room. But several pics of every room, from many angles AND Floorplans! Glorious glorious floorplans!

      Looking at the extra pictures the kitchen is not QUITE as bad as I had thought at first glance. Though it still looks a bit too ‘Modern’ for my taste.

    • Scott

      There’s a complete floorplan of Seafair in Michael Kathrens’ excellent book: Newport Villas: The Revival Styles 1885-1935.

    • rob

      Wow Jason, great link. I think that is the best home presentation I have ever seen on the web. I used to just love the house, now I am a little obsessed with it. I bookmarked the link just to have it as a reference on a great home. A lot of builders and decorators should bookmark that link. Just a great presentation of a great home.

  • Teddi

    I adore this house. It had me at “hello long driveway”.

    I can do without the hideous wallpaper in the bathrooms and the baby-girl pink carpet in the master bedroom. The kitchen countertops can go too. But I have no problems with the blue La Cornue range and hood. It gives the kitchen some pop. All in all, a small price to pay for such a wonderful estate.

    It’s formal and welcoming and family friendly all at the same time, and everything works. The decor (most of it), the architecture, the views. Divine…Divine…Divine. And not a gold leaf in sight. Are you taking notes, Joe Guidice?

    All the new estate homes which have popped up pretty much every where, need to take a good long look at this one. Not the floorplans, because it’s bugging me that the kitchen is so bloody far away from the dining room. But on a whole, this is a perfect house to try to emulate when building an actual mansion.

  • NOVA Ben

    This. Is. Spectacular.

    I remember stumbling across this home on birds eye view a couple years ago…they had older photo imagery at the time and the home was almost completely obscured with scaffolding, and I remember wondering about the home underneath. It’s great to see a top-notch restoration of a stunning gilded age home. Well worth $20 million in my opinion.

  • Eric

    Soooo, apparently this “Wonderful Mansion” is in fact split into ‘Condo’s ?
    The whole house is just split in two it seems, and we are only being shown pictures of half the house right now..
    How does that even work? How can you say your selling the house and 9acres, if you are really only buying half of it???

    • rob


  • Lipstick

    Here are the facts on this house. I have been in it many times. It is a condo but it represents about 75% of the entire house. There is one other small unit on the far left. So yes that is the downside but It is the most beautiful piece of property in Newport. I would think that anyone who purchases it will eventually want to buy the other family out.

    • Teddi

      So $19M for a partial estate in which someone else is part owner and you have no say in it. And considering the guest house is also being sold separately, now we’re talking about 2 other families that would need to be bought out.

      Yeah. I think not.

  • Waldheim Neri

    The Gey Craig was purchased by actor Nicolas Cage in 2007 for $15M & resold in 2011 for $6M only. But the estate has $13.3M lien overdue taxes.

    May I know Seafair Estate tax assessment to date. I mean overdue tax payable by new owner? I found current tax only on Real Estate websites.


  • Mike from boston

    Way over priced


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