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  • Daniel

    Some nice parts to it but just too heavy and faux-formal for me. Looks a lot older than 3 years too.

  • Eric

    Once again there is no floor plans for such a massive house.
    Is it just an American thign that they don’t not want to give out floor plans for buyers? It boggles my mind that they expect someone to buy such a huge place without knowing the layout.

    As far as the house itself goes, Yrg where to start?
    The monstrous over done grand hallway? The horrific French “Inpsired” decorations? The mish-mash of French-English, and Modern styles?
    It is so hard to tell more, it is a MONSTROUS property ‘compound’ is a good word, house just does not cut it.

    • Teddi

      Unless it’s a brand new construction, very few homes include or are listed with floorplans. I’ve seen some high priced listing agents do it, but it’s an added expense and not necessary for getting a house sold. It’s just the way it is.

  • Mak

    I hate to be a complainer but…

    The slideshow works only if I pick one of the pics in the middle of the spread. It doesn’t work from the first pic. Also, the pics aren’t segregated by house. The slideshow just keeps going to other house pics in the blog.

  • Coon

    Love the entry.

  • Teddi

    Not a fan of gold leaf or gold accents everywhere. And maybe it’s just my own snobbery and prejudices, but I think unless I’m actually in Europe, namely France, I can do without the life size marble sculptures everywhere. As European-style, formal mansions go, this is one of the better ones. This actually looks livable. Like real people could call it home. The foyer (minus that horrible banister) is the perfect size to act as both reception hall and gathering room. I appreciate that.

    As Daniel said, it looks much older than 3 years but I have a feeling that’s what they were going for.

    As for the guest house. I think there comes a point where you can stop calling it a guest house and call it a second home on the same lot. 5 bedrooms and a pool is not a GUEST house. And calling anything a compound immediately puts me in mind of Jim Jones and OJ. Neither good

  • Farid

    Some of you will never afford this home so take your time to appreciate it first than pick it apart as you will.

    • Teddi

      I’m sorry, what exactly is your point? There is a lot of residential real estate or even automobiles that none of us will ever afford, but we can still say if we like it or not, or if we feel it warrants the price. For instance, we can say if that $15M house next to Detroit, or the $190M fixer upper in Greenwich makes sense or not. Not being a member of the 1% doesn’t mean we are voiceless or without some amount of sense, education or discerning capabilities.

      Our inability to buy it doesn’t negate our ability to see, observe, or comment. It’s the entire point of this site.

      • Eric

        I always have to laugh at those people who seem to go [i]”BAH! You don’t like it cause you have no money!”[/i] or the ever popular and more simplistic [i]”You just hate all rich people!”[/i].

        As you say being rich, or not rich, does not change your values of taste and style. Often the more money some one has, the less taste it seems they have. The other irony is the assumption that most readers here are somehow penniless pauper..

        I seem to recall one instance of a person nitpicking a readers harsh assessment of a tacky Mansion, only to be told that the reason he was giving it such a harsh review, is he owned the mansion next door and had been inside it before.

        Such is the world

        • Daniel

          Was I the reader? 😛

          • Eric

            No idea it was ages ago.
            All I remember is someone saying something like “You are just being mean because YOU don’t have any money and won’t be rich!” and the response was along the lines of “No I am being mean because I own the multi-million$ Mansion NEXT to these guys and know first hand how tacky it is!”

            Either way, the idea that many of us ‘Poo Poo’ these houses because we have some grudge aginst ‘The Rich’ is laughable.

  • Venom

    Wow, this is very gaudy.

  • rob

    I hate to say I like it, because apparently it is being built by some of these tacky new Persian builders, but I do like it. I would bring in another decorator and tone down some of that over the top tacky faux french, middle eastern pasha decor, but overall I think this is a pretty great house for the price. Only in LA could someone put this much on one acre. LOL> I love the pool and this seems like an awful lot of house for the money.

  • Organbrett

    From the satellite pictures it looks like there is a long slide into the half-covered pool. How fun!

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