Location: 120 Hawkins Island Lane, Sea Island, GA

Square Footage: 11,000

Bedrooms & Bathrooms: 5 bedrooms & 8 bathrooms

Price: $18,900,000

This lavish private island estate, dubbed Little Hawkins Island, is located on 120 Hawkins Island lane in Sea Island, GA. It is situated on 3 acres and is accessible via its own private gated bridge. There is approximately 11,000 square feet of living space spread over 4 buildings all of which are of Spanish Colonial style. The main house features 6,000 square feet of living space with beamed ceilings and custom light fixtures throughout. There are also two 1,500 square foot guest cottages each with 2 bedroom suites. The last building is a 2,000 square foot entertainment facility called “Little Hawkins Club” that features a gym, club room with bar, billiards room and locker rooms. The island feature over 700 feet of deep water frontage with a world-class boat dock.


  • Daniel

    Something’s off with the front. Interior ain’t bad. Kitchen/family room belongs in another house. Pricey.


  • Eric

    you know, I quite like places “LIKE” this.

    I have a fondess for places that could be made into small hotels, Inns or bed & Breakfast’s and such. This place doesn’t look so bad, and quite warm and inviting. The interior and furnishings could use some reworking, but over all quite ok.

    The biggest problem?
    It is in Georgia 😛


  • Mikael

    I will be interested contact me plealse .
    Many thanks

    Best regards .



  • Grrrowler

    I love the idea of this: a mansion on gated private island. I don’t love that only one side of the island sits next to water and the other three sides are marshland. But, I really like the lush grounds. I know it’s a stretch, but I get hints of San Simeon (albeit a miniature less opulent one) when I look at the pics.

    The house itself is nicer than I want to admit. The interior isn’t overly exciting, but it looks tasteful enough and comfortable. There are some lovely details and it looks like a good deal of attention was paid to many things. There are some decorative missteps, usually in the draperies (especially the “curtains” in the stairway).

    Why, oh why, do agents show the laundry rooms in eight-figure houses? While it’s a nice laundry room, I doubt it’s near the top of the interest list for prospective buyers.


  • Teddi

    I’ll have to take everyone else’s word for it. Not a fan of Spanish/Spanish Colonial at all, so judging it would be unfair.

    However, I adore the idea of an island estate. Especially an estate with other buildings for guests and entertainment. That’s really cool. But as there are Caribbean islands that can be bought for a whole lot less than $18M (for 3 acres of land), I’d think it would be cooler to spend the couple mil on a private island, build it up however you want and for $18M actually claim a real island estate. Or for $18M buy an island larger than 3 ac already built up and outfitted.

    This is Georgia. Although I’d be comparing mainland to waterfront, you can get a whole lotta land and a whole lotta mansion for $18.9 million. Maybe it’s the Spanish-everything that’s throwing me, but what exactly am I paying for that I couldn’t get better elsewhere for the same or less? Whether an Atlanta-suburb mansion or a private Caribbean island estate.