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  • Daniel

    Interesting post. 1 looks badass. I wouldn’t mind living there even as an adult. 14 looks like the design of a pompous architect. I bet the family wears matching turtlenecks on a daily basis.

    • Teddi

      ROFLMAO! Okay, I have to agree with you there on 14. And the visual is hilarious.

  • Grrrowler

    A lot of these are very cool, but I’m partial to numbers 8 and 16. They both have a Swiss Family Robinson vibe about them, which really appeals.

  • Matt

    I think 1 is somewhere in Dallas. i saw it on a TV show once. It was really cool because the people let all of the neighborhood kids come play in it, even though they built it for their grand kids.

  • Eric

    For me I like a Tree House to be just that, a House among trees.

    I was never one for kids, so while I appricate the fantasy and whimsy of certain types, I would not have any real use for ones like 1,6,12 or 16.

    10 is my own personal favorite, as it is the most “House like” of the group.
    For me the ideal tree house would be a like a private retreat far from the stress of the world. A small kitchen, bed, sitting and reading place carefully wrapped around a tree would be all I would wish.

  • Teddi

    #1 was featured in a piece on Houzz and got a HUGE discussion going about it some who had an issue with people who would spend that much on a treehouse when there are starving children in the world (God I hate those morons who make those kinds of statements) and another penny section chimed in about it would have meant more if the grandparents had built it themselves instead of getting an architect, that it could have been quality time/learning experience to build something simpler with the grandkids. I just about lost it. The judgmental stupidity of some people always shocks me.

    The treehouse is in a word, stunning. They had at least a dozen pics on the different angles and all the different fun stuff associated with it. As an adult I’d love to live there much less to have had that as a kid.

    The response was overwhelmingly positive, but I never thought anyone could look at something grandparents did just for their grandchildren and have an issue with it. It’s not as if they didn’t like the treehouse itself, they just hated what it represented. Because apparently people spending their own hard earned money on something to give as a treat to their grandchildren and the neighborhood kids is one of the 7 deadly sins. Who knew.

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