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  • Eric

    You know, I am going to go out on a WILD Guess here and say this family has kids, and all of their kids are girls. ((Shudders at the overdone Pink playroom))

    Ok ok… Ghastly pink aside the ‘Bones’ of the house are not too bad. Once again far too much white everywhere for my taste. Thw two story Library is quite nice, although it is interesting that the bookshelves are barely half full ;P
    The master bedroom is not too bad, but it is in desperate need of new colors, and are those porcelain animal heads on the wall? Who though THAT was a good idea?

    The back yard is quite nice and I quite like the pool ((I am privately a HUGE fan of gimicky pools, and this one has a faux beach AND a ‘grotto’ in it)) The back of the house however is a bit of an embarrassment. It is as if they said “No one will look at this, so we will make no attempt to decorate it in ANY way” 😛

  • Daniel

    I like the facade and some of the details in the interior. They really cheapened out the rear of the home though.

  • Mak

    I like the dock. I hate the rest.

    Mishmash mishmash someone needs to take out the trash.

  • Grrrowler

    What is the point of having a waterfront house and then blocking the view of the water with a bunch of trees? The rest is all downhill from there. The baby mammoth in the library is beyond creepy and the obsession with animals in other spaces is no better.

  • Bill_in_NY

    Did anyone realize the David Siegel super-mega-mansion is right down the road?

  • Eric

    I did indeed notice that.

    Mmm just look at that lovely algea green pool in back!
    God that thing is an eyesore, it has been what, two, three years without construction? Exposed to wind, rain, cold… I would not be surprised if the place has several million in upkeep that needs to be done at this point.

    • Mak

      Imagine all the vermin that have infested that place. Rats by the thousands. It would give me the creeps just to walk into it.

  • Mom24kids

    The trees along the water I am sure were there before the home Grrrowler. They are native FL cypress trees that are protected from being cut down. I am sure having trees obstructing their lakefront view wouldn’t have been their most ideal scenario. Interesting house nonetheless.

  • Teddi

    LMAO! It looks like I missed all the fun.

    How about that. People who love historically-styled European homes even more than I do. I need to double check who the agent is, because once again we were treated to a car commercial instead of focusing on the house.

    What can I say, at least these people had the good sense to put in a pool without asking for an additional crap load of money to put one in 7 years after construction. I also love a house that’s kid friendly but the overload of pink was just too much for me and the zig-zag wall made me think a seizure in the future was possible.

    I know it’s a waste of time to comment on decor that will not be staying, but, while I appreciate the knight in shining armor as perhaps a note of whimsy while living in a castle knockoff home filled with little girls, the woolly mammoth in miniature and the placement of it boggles the mind. Standing guard in the play area…perhaps. There’s already a horse and zebra down there. Taking up space in the office, wth? I won’t even question the lunacy of the porcelain white animal heads above the bed though I still prefer those to the buffalo head of Aspen, Co.

    That being said, I never thought I would see a closet that large that I absolutely detested. I get it. The owners march to a beat of a different drum and they’re quirky. But who, pray tell, wants a dark wood + dark pink closet. Ladies, you know what I’m saying. This is the type of closet where you’re going to have to run to a window or into a brighter space in the house to see if the black of a jacket properly matches the black in a skirt or to go downstairs dressed only to find out out the dark blue slacks you put on are black and doesn’t go with your shoes. The last thing any woman wants is an inconvenient closet. This is all kinds of inconvenient.

  • Al Robinson

    One combined word to describe this mansion:


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