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  • Daniel

    Needs some color other than beige, but it looks decent. Admittedly a lot better than most homes that attempt this style in Cali or Florida. Rear feels a bit fake though – I think it’s the plain windows that throw off the style.

  • Grrrowler

    The address of this house is 226 West Lake Sammamish Parkway Southeast, Bellevue, WA 98008. The owner is the former president of the Windows Phone division at Microsoft who was moved to a role of VP of corporate development.

    The house is a typical Northwest Beige. I see so many houses in this area that have potential, but are ruined by owners who are apparently afraid of any color whatsoever. The mock-Med style just doesn’t fit up here either, which is another mark against it. Daniel hit upon a complaint I have about a lot of waterfront houses here: the rear facades are often really boring with little to no thought put into them.

    The location on Lake Sammamish is nice, but the house would be worth a lot more if it were on Lake Washington, which has access to the Sound and the ocean. For only about 15% more, I’d prefer this house on the other side of Bellevue, on Lake Washington: http://www.windermere.com/listing/WA/Medina/318-Overlake-Dr-E-98039/10939621

    • Teddi

      Now there’s a house with some wow factor. That has to be the singular most stunning and unique lighting fixture I’ve ever seen. I can’t see it working in a traditional home, but I don’t think I’d care. I’d still want it. Gorgeous.

      That theater is what I would nicely call disappointing and while the foyer makes a statement, I’m not sure I like what it’s saying. The marble there is absolutely breathtaking, and yet, something about it says “luxury bathroom”.

      That log cabin look in the pool room gets a big fat no from me. It’s almost as if they stuck in pics from a different house. Or perhaps they chose different decorator, whatever, just no. Does not fit.

      Good heavens those grounds are like the Garden of Eden found. The house definitely not as warm as the other one so it depends on your taste.
      All I know is that lighting fixture had me at “Hello”.

      • Mak

        To which lighting fixture are you referring?

        • Teddi

          The thing that looks like a sculpture, you see it from the entrance and it’s hanging over the dining room table. It looks like an artist’s take on a spliced strand of dna. Double helix.

          • Mak

            Are we even looking at the same house? These comments are for a house entitled “$7.2 Million Italian Inspired Lakefront Mansion In Bellevue, WA”. Which house are you commenting on?

          • Teddi

            Mak, read Grrowler’s post above, look at the link in that post. That’s what we’ve been discussing

      • Grrrowler

        The house definitely needs some updating, but it has very good bones, and it so much more architecturally interesting than the Lake Sammamish house.

  • Teddi

    Putting aside that a mansion is considered anything over 8000sf, here is an example where context and words mean everything. If I look at this as an example of a mansion, then I would feel sorely disappointed.

    If I look at it as a large home, which just happens to exceed 8000sf, then it’s lovely (I’m a woman, it is my right to be contrary). I’m a sucker for arches and groin ceilings. I am in heaven to see long hallways with them. So walking through those front doors every day would probably always make me smile.

    However, there is admittedly nothing about this house with any wow factor at all save for the view. If you can tell everything about a woman by her shoes, surely you can tell everything about a man by his home. There is no boldness in anything, nothing to stand out, nothing that shows any risk or daring. But it is a place I can see a family living in and not having to worry about breaking antique lamps or ruining parquet floors. I can easily picture family dinners and cookouts and get-togethers and laughter. That speaks to me more than beige and a decided lack of oomph.

    It isn’t anywhere where a Hilton or an Ecclestone would put down roots. But for the guy (or gal) with a few bucks and wanting to raise a family within some atmosphere of normalcy instead of wanton excess, this is the place. Except for the weird chopped up carpet interspersed by wood floors walkway, there’s nothing about it I absolutely hate. Nothing about it that says “I have to have that”. And maybe sometimes that’s okay.

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