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  • Daniel

    Front facade has too many arched windows, while the two square ones of the second floor are super distracting. Interior has some lovely spaces, but the walls look dusty. Dreadful kitchen. Love the room in photo 3 and 8.

  • Grrrowler

    I don’t mind the arched windows and the arches, although there really are a lot of them. The interior is nice, for formulaic transitional decor. I would change out most of the furnishings for things that are a lot less beige and boring, and some much bolder art work, but there are some very nice spaces. The room in pics 6 and 7 looks great; I love the dark ceiling contrasted with the light-painted paneling. I seriously dislike the kitchen cabinets. The limed oak (if that’s what it is) on all the kitchen wood looks grungy.

    The house does not look its age, in a good way. It’s definitely been well-updated and could look good with a lot of different decor styles. It’s too bad that there aren’t more outdoor spaces and that it’s on such a small lot.

  • Jason

    I really like this home. It’s by the firm of Rogers-Ford in Dallas. the walls are indeed “limed”. I don’t mind it much, but it seems out of date by today’s styles. here is a website for the home that has the floor plan. the owner tried to market it himself, but I guess that failed and he is now represented by a realtor. the site is pretty nice and has some other sharp images.


    • Grrrowler

      Thanks for the link. The more I see of the exterior the more I like it. It’s not groundbreaking, but it looks nice. I still hate the limed oak kitchen wood. It definitely feels out of date: Terence Disdale was using it at least as far back as 1987.

  • Teddi

    Oh sweet mother of God! What the hell is going on with those kitchen cabinets? And please, no one give me one of those: ‘it’s ugly but it’s interesting and has character’ b.s. It isn’t belle laide, it’s simply laide. Sometimes an ugly thing is just an ugly thing.

    Quit shoving those ugly dogs in our faces and trying to tell us there is something beautiful about them. I have a feeling the owner has such a dog; he certainly has such a kitchen.

    I will say, when Kenny posted this house I didn’t bother to even click on the pics. From the little I was able to see glancing at the tiny pics, I thought, haven’t we seen this same house about 10 times before? And in Texas? I was not in the mood to do it all again.

    But I’m really glad Jason put that link up. I like this house.
    SURPRISE! Don’t get me wrong it’s very sweet and nice in a boring, 3 star hotel, don’t make any waves, kinda way.

    There’s nothing ground-breaking or a single Wow factor present. But everything (except those kitchen cabinets…seriously…WTF?) is extremely pleasant, symmetrical…sweet. If someone gave me $7 million tomorrow, I’m not running out and buying this house, but as large suburban homes go, I like it.

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