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  • Eric

    You know, you could almost automate this blog by having it linked up to new houses on Southeby’s (I kid I kid,) 😉

    Much like the last Washington Lake house, this one is remarkable for NOT feeling gaudy, tacky, or overly done. It actually seems to be fairly restrained and feels much more like a real ‘Home’ as opposed to some over the top Mega Mansion.

    Aside from being somewhat remote (It is a fair drive to get into Seattle from there) The over all house seems surprisingly nice. I am a sucker for that huge arched entry way, and having the stair case NOT in the smack center of the house but off to one side. I simply adore the brick work in the kitchen and that ‘Study’ room. And the outside deck is quite large and expansive ( and most important has a huge roof, vital for those soggy Washington summers)

    All in all, I find many of the houses on Southebys feel like just that HOUSES. A place where, ((perhaps if I had a huge family and entertained large guests often,)) I could actually see myself living it.
    ANd I htink that is the real difference here. There must be something about the type of people that go form, say, just a 6000 to 7000sq ft home, to a 10sq ft home and beyond that goes into some crazed over the top wackiness, were people are seized with a desire to put gold leaf on everything 😛

  • Daniel

    The off-center living room annoys me. I don’t know, this one seems to fill all the Mock Med stereotypes.

  • Grrrowler

    I typed an interesting and fact-filled comment on this house, that the site decided to send into the ether. So, I’ll just say that this is NOT the best that the Seattle area has to offer. You don’t come up here to admire the mock-Meds, especially not this one. The owner of this house retired from Microsoft and is currently a bigwig at EMC2.

    • Teddi

      That keeps happening to my posts too. Is there some kind of glitch or what?

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