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  • Daniel

    I’m over this obscenely priced London pads with the same wannabe Candy & Candy interiors. Good grief, if you’re going to charge this much at least go to the Fu*king source. Lord knows slapping that name to something will make it worth 100X more than it really is.

  • Eric

    Oh look! Another wonderful LOVELY historical mansion! (sighs happily)
    Oh Look, the inside is nothing but eye bleeding Candy Candy white Nonsense! (sighs disdainfully)

    Really what more needs to be said?
    And 50million pounds? PLEASE

  • Grrrowler

    I think I need to have a stamp made so I don’t have to keep typing the same comments for these London houses. I love the traditional exterior. The lot looks reasonably large, and the house is pretty attractive from the street.

    The interior is nice, for a C&C copy, but it doesn’t belong in this house. I think there are some really successful moments in the interior, but they’re just not original. Why does every eight-figure house in London have to have this same style interior?

  • Limedaiquar

    This is no longer historic

  • Teddi

    *sigh* How strange is it that I can love so much about the British and hate every single London mansion I’ve seen on this site.

    And now that I’ve seen this interior I have to wonder if there is one designer doing ALL high end residences in London. Without even looking at this heading I saw inside and KNEW it was London. And not in a good way. Not in the way you can look at an interior and identify it as Moroccan or Japanese or West Indian. There is no history or substance to these interiors so why make them so ubiquitous?

    For that matter, how did they become so ubiquitous? I’ve never seen such a pervasiveness of one style/designer in one location except for Marc Michaels in S. Florida.

    I like the exterior and what appears to be land space, but quite frankly, how dare they do this to a “historic” residence. It’s almost sacrilege. Could they not have modernized without (not even bastardizing but completely) destroying what a historic European home is supposed to look like, if not represent? The PA estate we saw yesterday looked to be of more historical value than this. Who would even know?

    • Nash

      Probably more to dislike about the British than to like

      • Teddi

        Nash, them’s fighting words.

        But since we’re on a page in which the “London decor” is sheer mental torture to me, I’ll let it go.

      • Grrrowler

        I don’t agree with that, but when it comes to their taste in decor for multi-million Pound houses, they’re sorely lacking in creativity.

    • Bill_in_Rochester

      It’s a shame a decent front elevation photo wasn’t included…on Google Earth it looks interesting and a bit less “British”.

      • Teddi

        Bill, I don’t know what that means…a bit less “British”. Why would you want a historic house located in Britain to be less British. I could understand if it were, say, a new construction. But it’s over a hundred years old. In London. Shouldn’t it therefore be the epitome “British”.

        I cannot imagine going to look at a 100 year old residence in Japan and want it to be less Japanese. It would be insane to go to a 100 year old house in Jamaica and expect it to be less colonial/West Indian. I can’t think of any country you could go to where you would look at a home built over a century ago and not expect it to represent the country, its history and the period.

        • Bill_in_Rochester

          LOLOL- I didn’t say I “wanted” it to be less British…just that it appeared to be that way! 🙂
          It’s hard for me to describe…better to see for yourself. It just looks plainer, or has less character or detail. That’s mainly why I was hoping for a good look at the front of it.
          At least from the back you can detect an influence of Tudor-style architecture. The little of the front you CAN see via the satellite photo has next to no architectural detail whatever. Not to my eye, anyway.

          • Teddi

            Ahh, I see.
            I wonder if that means someone redid the front facade as well as the interior. These people deserve to be strung up.

  • Venom

    Another beautiful manor ruined by the sh!t Candy & Candy type interior as pointed out in the first comment. There should be a law passed in the UK that you can’t ruin traditional homes with modern interiors. Puke.

    The price obviously, is laughable at best.

    • Bill_in_Rochester

      The price may be laughable, but it’s not totally the house’s fault i.e. location, location, location. According to Forbes Magazine, London is the 3rd-most expensive city in the world as far as real estate values are concerned. Property averages 3,500 pounds ($5,300) per square foot. By comparison, NYC (the only American city to make the list) is down the list at #6 at $4,100/sq.ft.

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