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  • Daniel

    A nice, clean, elegant family home with a terribly undersized formal living room.

  • Grrrowler

    The exterior is lovely. It looks well-balanced and is interesting. The interior has some nice spots, but it feels very heavy. The formal living room is far too small and the formal dining room needs a rectangular table instead of that round one (easily fixed), but some of the other rooms are really decent. Getting rid of the overbearing furniture and putting in some items with more taste and more color would go a long way.

  • Eric

    I am actually quite fond of this place. I Love dark, rich, lush interiors. Most interiors I often feel are too bright and should be darkened down, so that is a personal taste of mine.
    What I do adore are all the built-in furnishings. That bay window breakfast nook is lovely(pic7), as is the built-in bench on the second story hallway (Pic9). I am a great fan of “Nooks and crannies” in big houses and this one has quite a few. The bedroom in pic10 has a nice little sitting area up some stairs for instance.

    Sadly there is not much to see of the grounds or yard area, which is usually where I put a lot of stock in these houses. There is no mention of how many acres it has, which makes me think this is a rather small plot, perhaps in some sort of “Mansion subdivision” which I know there are a lot of…

    All in all, rather nice for a modern home.

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