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  • Daniel

    Yikes. Those garages stick out more than most. Interior is, as my Mexican finance professor would always say, “plain banilla”.

  • Grrrowler

    I simply cannot get past the garages that look as if they were grafted onto the front. It appears that there was plenty of land available on the lot so they could have been oriented differently.

    The interior doesn’t offend, but it doesn’t excite either. There is a surprisingly small amount of detailing going on, and what’s there seems to be made up mostly of stock mouldings. The kitchen layout looks awful; the island (or is it an isthmus in this case?) looks far too big. The rest is nice, in the way that a beige Toyota sedan is “nice”.

  • Nash

    You can probably do better in the area for the pricetag

  • Teddi

    In a word: eh

  • Venom

    I have a couple of friends with this garage setup on their homes and it looks pretty cool actually. If you want to have two separate entrances for in-laws or kids you can do that or if you have to go to the hospital late at night and don’t want to wake up people with the garage door opening, you can use the ones that are away from the bedrooms, or if you have an expensive sports car or collectible you can put it away from the daily driver cars and the kids.

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