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  • Yosef

    Two words: HOLY SHIT!

  • rob

    This is a style I like to call Denver Molly Brown Brown Palace western french decor. Heavy on the wood and the 19th century elements. Not my taste, overly heavy, but it does fit a certain category. Love the fountain thing. Not my dream house but ok, if you like the overly done victorian thing.

  • Teddi

    MAK! It has a koi pond!!!!

    I told Grrrowler we’d seen uglier bedrooms than the one in the subterranean house, and here it is.

    Love the pool and the gardens.

    Can someone tell me if the price is on par with that area. For me that’s high, but I don’t know Atherton at all. Under 1.5 acres, no mountain views, and no where near the water for $27.9M? Is Atherton as well-heeled as Beverly Hills or Napa or Bel Air to command that price with neither mountains nor water nor even a vineyard to show for it?

    • Mak

      Yes, Teddi, this is my kind of rich. It’s all about Koi. They know it, and I know it, and now you know it. Whenever you see a house, and think rich, you’ll be looking for that special place in the yard that holds the rich fish.

      For the old money rich folks out there…

      Koi. Its not your fathers’ fish. It’s your GRANDFATHERS fish, and you’ve inherited them. Now don’t kill them!

      • Teddi

        I just saw in the news yesterday that some thieves stole 400 koi from a park pond. Guess they realized the value too.

        • Eric

          See, me personally I love “ponds” but have no special interest for “Koi ponds”
          I like a water feature, a smal lstream, pond, a little waterfall, weather it has any fish in it however is of little interest 😛 Just one more thing you need to keep alive 😛

          • Mak

            Rich people aren’t concerned with keeping the Koi alive. They have staff that worry about that. The rich merely tell the staff that if the koi die, so to they.

    • Rebecca

      Atherton is and has been the richest zip code in the US, according to FORBES, TIME, and sfgate. Beverly hills is ranked 11th.


  • Eric

    Dark, heavy, overbearing wood all over the place ? Sign me up! ((yes yes, I am weird like that, it is a personal love of mine))

    Ok let us begin!

    Front entrance that goes into a small vestibule area BEFORE going into a much larger 2 story entrance hall, VERY nice, something I personally love and gives a feel of an older grander estate. PLus it allows a place for coat rooms for incoming guests.
    The two story front area full of dark heavy wood and a Single stairwell (None of this double nonsense) another wonderful touch. The ironwork along the rails also quite lovely and does not seem overly tacky.
    The two Living rooms, one dark wooden panels (Possible a music room) and then a more formal living room, both with rather tasteful furniture, no gilded gold as I was expecting.
    Dinning room, perhaps could be a bit bigger but over all I quite approve.
    What seems to be a ‘Study’ Eeeh…. Those drapes will need to go, and not sure about that “Cloudy skyblue” ceiling colors, but the fireplace looks nice.
    The Kitchen looks MASSIVE! That huge marble area around the stove is yet another features that gives it the “Old World” look of a more regal estate.
    The drapes in the master bedroom also look a bit much, but the Bathroom!
    There is something about it I Love! I know I might be in the minority here, but I like the “Grotto-like” look to it, plants and rough stone. I do not know however that I would want a bathroom quite like that as my personal bathroom however. Perhaps something like that in a pool room?

    The grounds seem quite nice, if perhaps a bit small or crowded, sadly with less then an acre and a half, you don’t have a lot to work with.

    Perhaps the most detasteful part of it is the basement/garage. BLARG! Why do people think turning your garage into some sort of Gas Station is attractive??

    All in all however, I have to say there is not a lot about this Mansion I hate, but would put int into the very small “Good Job!” Category.

  • Daniel

    Some stunning rooms but it’s $27.9 million. Honestly one of the most overpriced towns IMO.

    • Eric

      It is just south of San Francisco, an area that is about as overpriced as it comes.
      Personally I would love the location, just about 20 min from down town SanFran would be a dream for me in such a place. But Not for almost 30mil.

  • Grrrowler

    Silicon Valley: it conjures images of brilliant, creative minds full of new ideas, and as a place where things so unique and new that some people can’t even image them are made into reality. This house is the antithesis of all of that.

    The exterior really isn’t bad, but that interior! It’s heavy, old looking, and completely uncreative.

    As for Atherton, the peninsula is a great place to live, and the location is amazing. I’d choice most areas on the peninsula over any place I can think of in Florida.

  • JWET

    “French,” is not a style.

  • Robert

    I was one of the Architects who worked on the design of this home when is was originally built. It was designed for an asian client who had certain tastes. By and large, the exterior is as is was originally executed. The exterior stone is actually cast concrete and at the time, cost $1,000,000 to install. Same for the interior mahogany wood work. The 2-story atrium was a design feature that was patterned after Julia Morgan’s Oakland YWCA. It worked well and has largely remained intact. The subsequent remodel changed the majority of the finishes, in particular the kitchen. I will reserve judgment. It needed to be placed on a larger lot, but its location is excellent nonetheless. The design has held up well because the proportions and scale were correct from the beginning. It all seems so long ago.

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