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  • Matt

    This house is extremely homey! not what i was expecting from the front.

  • Mansions & More

    Definitely looks like a Hamptons house, but I like it.

  • Grrrowler

    It doesn’t have tons of curb appeal, but the interior has a nice casual beachiness to it. It’s somewhat lacking in personality, but fixing that wouldn’t be a challenge.

    • mak

      Yes, the front is extremely generic looking. I’m not sure if the style fits my vision of what a southern CA beach place should look like.

      Nice interior, and I like the way the rear facade opens to the sea.

  • Daniel

    Facade looks like a $150,000 duplex.

  • Eric

    The interior shots all look so… So…
    So WHITE!

    I mean Yrch! Barely any color at all. They don’t look bad in terms of the furnishings, just so white!

    • Teddi

      ROFLMAO. Eric, it could be worse. It could be whitewashed floors or white tiles. At least the hardwoods break up the omnipresent white.

      • Eric

        Very true! There is a LITTLE color here and there to break things up.
        To be fair, your response about the back is quite true. It is GORGEOUS!
        Having that pool and spa right on the cliff on the edge must make for some wonderful parties. And that lower deck grows right out into the lush plants at the edge of the seaside. And we know how much I love lush plants/gardens of all sorts!
        Yet another house where the outside is far superior to the inside (IMHO) 😉

        Oh, something else Teddi, I had wanted to ask to e-mail you something, but not sure how to get your address without just posting it in a public place liek this, any ideas?

        • Teddi

          Oh, I have no idea how to do that, except maybe to go through Kenny?

  • Teddi

    From the front, I was getting ready to hate it. From the decor I thought, much better and bigger than I was expecting. I mean, let’s face it, how many homes have we loved the exterior of then get a disturbing shock once we see past the front doors. This was a good surprise. The outside made me think of someone got the square footage measurements wrong.

    I love deceptive looking houses.

    Then we get to the back. Hello heaven. The infinity pool and view made me forget about that lackluster front facade. Instant memory loss. Love it. I’d eat at that outdoor dining table for every meal and just take in that view. Who could possibly be stressed looking at that. I’m calmer just looking at the pics alone.

    • Grrrowler

      The back of the house is truly beautiful. And, when you’re in the house, you don’t have to look at the front facade. But really, this house is no different than dozens of houses in Malibu: the front is just a front and all the action is at the back.

      • Teddi

        I was watching American Greed and some swindler on there had rented some house (was claiming he owned it) on the water in Cali. I have to try to remember the name of the area. It was touted as very affluent, so claiming to own a house there was instant status.

        When I did a realty search of that area I was shocked. Absolutely positively shocked at the prices and the homes. MILLIONS upon millions of dollars for these very dated, very small homes on small pieces of land. When I saw the exterior, I hoped and prayed the interiors would be something that would blow me away. They didn’t. Inside looked exactly like you’d expect it to look based on the outside.

        When I saw this house, I immediately had a flashback to those homes, even though this house is still 10 times more attractive outside than those houses were. But I had the same feeling. That I didn’t like it. There was zero curb appeal. So let’s just say, based on recent happenings, I’m just happy the interior here is spacious and doesn’t have the old, ugly 70’s decor and appliances. I was able to let out my breath and heave a sigh of relief.

  • rob

    Looks like a regular house in a kick ass location.

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