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  • Grrrowler

    I can’t decide what the front resembles more: a mortuary or a decommissioned church. Actually, I think it looks like a decommissioned church that’s been turned into a mortuary. Inside, it looks like someone watched a lot of different HGTV shows, then went to Home Depot and pointed to the light fixtures, flooring, and paint colors they’d seen on the shows. That sort of baby poo taupe wall color can look OK in some houses in small quantities, but here it’s used ad nauseum.

    The owners are apparently terrified of any type of landscaping at the back of the house. The dirt driveway and parking area is a nice touch, and I get a very strong “hanging tree” vibe from that lone tree next to the driveway. Overall, the whole places really gives me the creeps.

    • Teddi

      I’m leaning towards re-purposed church myself. But only because a church would, but a mortuary wouldn’t, have those stairs. If I stick to the front facade alone, then it’s a toss up, as I’ve seen both church and mortuaries with the same appearance.

  • Daniel

    It looks like the current owners won $750K on a scratch-off game and decided to turn whatever they were living in into this. Now they probably want to flip it and thought adding a four in front of the asking price would make them instantly rich. No dice.

  • Eric

    I love the ‘scratchers winner’ comment.

    It very much looks like someone got a lot of money and had NO clue what to do with it. It basically looks like a Mansion built on the cheap.
    I mean LOOK at the roof for instance, it looks like it would leak when it rains…

  • Joseph

    When I first glanced at this page, I misread it as ‘1925 built’ and a small grin struck my face.
    A fraction of a second later, I noticed my mistake and frowned in disappointment at the number ‘1952.’ Needless to say the exterior resembles a 1980s pseudo-prairie style house commonly found throughout the Midwestern US. The interior is a plain as a Mcmansion. The gravel driveway would work for a cabin but not a 17,000 megamonster.

  • Brian

    No matter what criticisms you can aim at this glorious monstrosity (81 at last count), it does NOT have forward-facing garages. Nor a dreaded koi pond.

    • Grrrowler

      Wait… I thought the LACK of a koi pond was a problem. I’m sure if this place had a koi pond, it would be filled with trout or catfish.

    • Teddi

      I’ll have to agree with your there, Brian. It could be worse. I will give them points for the lack of front and center garage issues so many fall prey to, though I think it’s more to do with them not wanting to mess up the Southern Church look than because it hadn’t crossed their minds.

  • Brian

    I’m thinking the koi pond would be stocked with piranha, to be in keeping…

  • Andrew

    Why would you need 10 bathrooms in 5 bedroom house? What is the reason for this obsession you guys seem to have with bathrooms, is incontinence a major problem in USA?

    • Mak

      Well, you need one for #1 and two for #2

  • Mak

    Well well…a perfect example of…

    wait a freakin minute…

    LOOK It has a KOI CREEK! You know what that means? You would think it means it’s a old money rich person’s house, but it’s really not, because we all know that if you put the koi in the creek, they will end up on someone’s dinner table, and for very old, very rare fish, that’s a bad thing in the extreme. Not for the fish mind you. They’re old and tired, and way too zen like to give a damn.

    No, it’s the rich guys’ problem. It’s his problem because we now know that he has the FBI up in his business, and he can’t shake em. How else is he going to explain how he got rich enough to actually BUY very old, very rare zen like fish, but not have enough brains to know that you don’t put em in a creek?

    I think that’s why the place is completely empty and deserted looking. The guy that owned it is up the creek without a paddle (in prison). Just think…if he hadn’t put the koi in the creek, none of the shitstorm would ever have happened.

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