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  • Eric


    As I have said in the past, I LOVE land…
    35 Acres in Aspen Co? Goodness that is quite a wonderful thing!

    So where to begin… The House itself has so many individual aspects I ADORE!

    A GORGEOUS indoor sunroom, AND spa, AND what looks like a lap pool.
    A very clearly heated pool and what looks like heated stone floor as well.
    A lovely Guest house and interior.
    And wonderful outdoor grounds, river, gardens.

    As for the bad points? Alas, the exterior is far too “Modern” For me? Give me some large estate built in the 1920’s or so 😛
    Also, there is very few interior shots, only about one or two, no bedroom, kitchen, bathroom pictures…

    All in all, this house will make someone I think VERY happy.

    • Teddi

      That land and those views are amazing. But I’d need a more traditional style house (and definitely one without a buffalo head on the wall) to make me really happy.

      Agree totally with the pic issue. It seriously worries me when an agent lists 36 pictures of a multimillion dollar property and doesn’t show the key selling features. No kitchen, no master bedroom, just a cursory view of the master bath? Talk about odd. 8 bedrooms, 15 bathrooms and not a pic of one. Though I appreciate the gym and vegetable garden pics, they just aren’t enough. Is this another really expensive fixer-upper?

      • Eric

        The over all house style is certainly “interesting”
        The listing says it was made in 1993, and during that time “Modernism” was pretty big, so I can see someone wanting to make something so un-tradational at the time.
        The house itself, I am guessing the “8 bedroom” number is counting both the guest house And main house, largely as I can’t say any way of fitting 8 bedrooms in the main house.

        Also, echoing what Daniel said… I usually hate hearing about people who buy a property just to tear down the existing house and make something new. That said…
        This house I would make an exception for. I would gut the interior and sell off as much that is useable before leveling it. I would DEFIANTLY Keep the guest house and it’s gardens (I find it really quite charming) I would also try and keep the Sunroom/Spa/garden room (I really love combination sunrooms and spas).
        But the rest of the house, well best to start off with a clean slate. I’d most likely construct some turn of the century Neo-Classical home to take its place.

        • Teddi

          The Realtor.com listing says the main house has 8 bedrooms. I am in love with the grounds. Just breathtaking. Nothing like lots of land, dappled with ponds and babbling brooks to get me all a-twitter.

          Though it’s taking me a lot to move past the buffalo head. I’m not a wildlife-head-on-display kinda person.

          If the guest house is that rock structure that bears a resemblance to an old Roman fort resurrected, I’d keep it too. It’s ridiculous and quirky and I like it. At the very least it’s a talking piece.

          I’m just trying to figure out who shows a $19M estate and omits pics of the kitchen. I have to go with the belief that the interior probably needs to have some major reno work done in which case, scrap the entire thing and build a proper estate house that will complement that gorgeous land and views but make a statement.

  • Daniel

    Lovely parcel of land but the home looks like a teardown. As-is, it looks like it belongs in Hawaii rather than Aspen.

  • Grrrowler

    The house is really inconsequential: it’s 35 acres and the opportunity to build something beautiful for $18.9 million. There are some interesting individual elements in the existing house, but nothing worth saving. The “ruins” definitely add character and the grounds are a good place to start on something beautiful.

    However, instead of a beautiful estate spread across 35 acres, in three years I expect to find 15 $10 million houses on this same land.

  • Eric

    Something else, looking at the grounds on Google Earth, the “Spa/Sunroom” I love so much also seems to be a seperate building located down south from the main house. So the two aspects people seem to love best are both seperate. Also looking at the landscape, the property is right on the edge of sloap, so anything you build there is going to have one hell of a view of the lower valley.

    Something else I noticed on Google Earth, the land is really in the middle of nowhere. No large towns or cities within 30 miles of the place, the only other buildings in the area seem to be other mansions.

    Sadly your second comment is very much the case. Often cheap land like this is chopped up into small chunks to see smaller McMansions for at a far greater profit. Unless it is bought by someone who loves the land, it will most likely be sntached up by a developer and chopped up.

    • Grrrowler

      “Downtown” Aspen is about 5 miles away, so the location is no worse than a lot of the most expensive houses in the Aspen area. The super-expensive houses in Starwood are even further away.

      • Teddi

        Yeah, but that’s not the point. You know me, I’d choose lots of land up in a mountain over a tiny 1/2 acre on the beach. To see this gorgeous piece of property broken up into 2 acre parcels would be so painful.

        Maybe it’s a good thing I don’t have Bill Gates’ money. I’d probably spend most of it buying up large plots of pristine land just so no one can else can mess with it.

  • Otessa Regina Compton

    I love the landscape. Very interesting style for a contemporary blended with an Old World approach.

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