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  • Daniel

    Not bad. I’m actually a fan of the black and white dining room color scheme.

  • Al Robinson

    You’re welcome Kenny.

    Yeah, I think this is a nice place. I have started appreciating hardwood floors more and more over time. I think that it’s in a nice neighborhood, next to a golf course, and the home is inviting.

  • John

    not too far from dc, not bad

  • hoya

    Beautiful. Very large but still tasteful, which isn’t easy to do.

  • NOVA Ben

    This is about 20 minutes from where I used to live in Leesburg. Creighton Farms is one of the prettier planned communities in the DC area, and it pulls off the “Old Money” look far FAR better than any other golf course community around here. The scenery is drop-dead beautiful (check out Creighton Farms’ official website for proof of that) and the homes are really great…Overall there’s an English Country home look to them and I haven’t seen a listing for a home that didn’t have an attractive exterior. This place looks pretty good from the listing, just needs some furniture and more personalized decor. The price seems fair to me…it’s one of the most expensive listings in Leesburg, but rightfully so in my opinion. I just need to figure out a way to get past the gates so I can see some of these homes in person.

    • Dr. Vandal Savage

      I had the pleasure of seeing this home and some others in Creighton Farms. (There is an open house every Saturday at Creighton Farms) This home is extremely beautiful and the community is absolutely stunning. I would love to live there someday

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