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  • Daniel

    Probably the nicest house in Barrington, at least from what has been showcased on this site.

    • Jonathan

      There is actually a house in the Barrington area being built right now for $16.9 million. I live in South Barrington, and there are a number of homes casting over 30,000 Sq. Ft.

  • Grrrowler

    The front faced looks nice. The rear, not as much. Inside it looks comfortable and generally elegant. Its biggest offense is that it’s completely predictable, which is a pretty big offense. For the same money, I’d pick an early 20th century waterfront estate on the North Shore.

  • Teddi


  • Eric

    It is also interesting contrasting the difference location can make…

    The last house we had was in Atherton, CA.
    14k sq ft.
    1.3 acres
    Almost 30 million.

    This house? Barrington, Il.
    20k sq ft
    8 acres.
    Almost 16 million.

    Bigger house, more land, and almost half the price. Funny how things work out?

    • Teddi

      True, but I’m sure one winter in Illinois and you’d see why. Then again, since I don’t spend all my free time on the beach or in the pool, I would consider summers in Cali equally unbearable.

      Give me somewhere with no extreme weather on either end of the thermometer and I’d gladly pay whatever they want to charge for the area.

      • John

        You might want to try the coastal areas of southern California – while it may be 90 to 100 inland, the coastal areas tend not to rise above 80

  • Venom

    Barrington is nice and has some gorgeous homes, but I am a Lake Forest kind of guy. This one in South Barrington is pretty awesome.


  • From Boca Raton

    The Barringon area is actually the best. Though Oak Brook, Hinsdale, and Burr Ridge are slowly taking the Crown away from the “Barrington’s” Lake Forest, and the rest of Chicago’s North Shore is Garbage. Maybe some 40 years ago it may of had the Pedigree of Barrington, Oak Brook, Hinsdale etc. But now anywhere you go you will find Grand though Old Mansions that were once on lots from 5 to 20 acres now sitting on a 1/3 of an acre and surrounded by a clutter of bland looking Mc Mansion’s. To add injury to insult the strange folk of the North Shore expect you to pay upwards of $5 million just to see the Lake. News Flash, been there, done that and after a while the Lake gets boring, and somewhat depressing to stare at. Especially when you look out of your window only to see your neighbor in his kitchen, or walking the dog on the shared beach. Chuckles, and don’t forget about the fact tat yo ave to pay for all this by way of a $100,000 to $360,000 a year in property tax. Ha! Ha! Ha!” The North Shore can kiss my A*s*s*

  • From Boca Raton

    Insult to Injury, I meant to say. ; )

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