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  • Dave

    You have to check out this home in the Hamptons

    60 million $ Hamptons house (Daily rental $35,000)


  • Daniel

    The wood crown molding everywhere is super distracting.

  • Grrrowler

    The exterior isn’t bad, but the interior…oy. The light walls with the dark trim could be interesting in a room or two, but it’s way too much in every space.

    • Eric

      If you inverted the colors it might work better, soft dark wood, high lighted by white wood trim.

      I will give the house this credit… At least the style is uniform throughout the house. How often does it feel that every other room seems a different design style?

      • Teddi

        I prefer the interior to the exterior. Yes they definitely a have some kind of love affair with light walls and dark trim, but the outside looks like a square pumpkin. No thank you.

        Loving that garage and the massage room.

        It’s obviously a nice house, well conceived and executed. But it’s no better or worse than many houses on the market. There’s nothing about it that stands out, good or bad. In a week’s time I’d have forgotten all about it.

        For $14 million I would expect something a little more memorable.

        • Grrrowler

          A square pumpkin isn’t memorable? Granted, it’s not one of those cool $100 square watermelons, but it’s close. 😉

          • Teddi

            You say it and the Japanese will have it on the market by next year. lol.

  • Propertyporner

    i like the exterior round the back but i’m not a fan of the interior just too much wood, i guess it could be changed tho

  • rob

    This just looks like a big mediocre house in a subdivision. I don’t even think this qualifies as an estate.

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