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  • Grrrowler

    This is probably the first house in Spain on the site that I’ve like much about. The location and house itself look great. I love the view over the port. The interior is…well, it’s full of potential. I can’t get into the stark modern Spanish interiors in so many large houses we see, but this one could be developed into something nice. In its current state it seems like a half attempt to make something special.

    The theater looks like a remarkably uncomfortable place to sit and watch a movie. Were it my house, I’d set up some sort of tent or pavilion near the pool to make an outdoor theater, akin to this: http://image.camperandnicholsons.com/image/cni/yacht/description/resource/12832?k=7785&w=1002&h=526&q=90&o=c. I mean, you’re in Ibiza; who wants to sit inside in a cramped uncomfortable theater to watch a movie?

  • Daniel

    Ibiza? I hope the house is soundproofed.

  • Teddi

    I thought the mansion was one of those on the water, that’s what it’s made to seem like. I got all excited. Nice big mansion on the water in Ibiza. One could do worse. It’s not; and I can’t really get a clear view of the exterior of the one it’s supposed to be.

    The interior to me, has all the warmth of a Spartan museum in winter. I’ll just never like the white walls, white ceilings, white floors decor style. The rooms are big and seem fine enough, so you’d only need a new decorator to be all set. Maybe something a little more in keeping with, or to give a nod to the it being an 18th century historical home.

    God help me that theater (they have some nerve calling that a cinema room) looks more like a torture chamber (is that the 18th century link). If you don’t have the room space for a proper theater, stick a couch in front of a flat screen and call it a tv room. No one would have high expectations. I’ve never seen a more awkward home “theater”. Are all the seats REALLY on the same level or do my eyes deceive me. That’s just an annoying/frustrating evening waiting to happen.

    But LOVE the rooftop swimming pool. That seems like a great place to hang out and entertain at night. Love that waterfall feature. If I got invited to a pool party there, I’d be there in a heart beat. If I got invited to a movie viewing, I’ll be washing my hair.

  • rob

    I am not cool enough for that house. Move it somewhere else and I could get to love it.

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