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  • Grrrowler

    The dichotomy between the exterior and interior of this house make it a perfect candidate to be relocated to England.

    • Teddi

      Bwahahahahaha. Not all of England, surely. But I agree the disconnect is very London-esque.

      • Grrrowler

        Don’t get me wrong: I’m a big Anglophile; some of my best friends are English. I would love to live in London, but I wouldn’t want to do so in an historic house with a boring modern interior, regardless of how much it cost. And, this house feels like a Canadian version of that.

        By the way, BIG points for using “quotidian”. I have a soft spot for sesquipedalianism.

        • Teddi

          ROFLMAO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I believe you just gave me the biggest laugh of the night. What can I say? I can’t keep using the word ubiquitous in every post. I need to keep you lot on your toes. As a wannabe writer I’m tired of being forced to pretend everyone has the vocabulary of a 6 yr old. And even if they do, so what? They can’t look up a word and learn something new? That’s my vocab rant for the night.

          I get what you’re saying, but as horrible as some of those London interiors are, I’d gladly take them over this. This is more than changing out rugs and furniture. Seriously, WTF?
          Did they lose a bet? Do they have cameras hidden in the front entrance to take pics of people’s shocked expressions? WHO, pray-tell, looks at that exterior and thinks to do that to the inside? Where is the continuity?

  • Teddi

    Am I the only one who saw that exterior facade and got the shock of your life when the first pic was apparently the staircase from the lady’s section at Macy’s? Bloody hell, there’s even something in one of them that looks like a cashier’s counter.

    The theater is interesting in a ‘we’re recreating Genie’s lamp’ kinda way.

    The master bath is a big “NO” in every possible way.

    Last but not least we have the pool with the quotidian pool furniture that makes it look like every single pool built in a middle class apartment complex. $8M? I think not.

    If you think I’m being harsh, oh well. I think I’ve had my fill of houses that make me euphoric on the outside and then suckerpunch me with the interior.

    I love the stonework on the exterior. Love the conscientious placement of the garage. Love the spa in the middle of gorgeous rockery and real, honest to God, LUSH landscaped foliage. So many agents seem to not understand what the word “lush” is supposed to signify.

    After all of those positives, why ruin it all with the department store-themed interior. WTF? I’d be even harsher but I appreciate a large butler’s pantry. Shows someone was thinking at some point.

  • Mansions & More

    I like the exterior, and I love modern interiors, but not this type of modern, especially in this style of house. What were they thinking? I don’t think there’s a room in this house that works, with the exception of maybe the wine cellar, which really isn’t my favorite either. Anyway, it’s a good house, just needs some serious redecorating and/or remodeling on the interior spaces.

  • Eric

    You know normally I try and post early on these, why?
    Because once Teddi and Grrrowler post there is not much else that needs to be said 😉 😛

    So… Leaving aside the department stor look and the horrfic interior, I will say one thing I LIKE about it… The ‘Theater Room’

    Not the colors of course or the strange ‘Night Club’ like lighting in it… But the “Shape” of it.
    In most McMansions, the Theater room, for some bizzare reason, tries to mimic a real movie theater. You have big individual chairs that everyone sits in and stairs stright ahead. Lets be hounest, if you have friends or guests over to a movie, you normally have it as a social event. You will talk, chat, and move around.

    The Theater room in this house, with it’s two long sweeping couches, is actually just what I would have in mind! The couchers curve around the screen, not laid out in ridgid lines. People can lounge, relax, chat, stretch, etc while watching a film.

    Again the colors and interior are still ‘YRCH!’ but the ‘shape’ of the theater I quite approve of!

    • Teddi

      People trying to talk to me while I’m watching a movie is a pet peeve of mine.

      “Who’s that guy?” “What’s going to happen?” “Are they going to kill him?” etc etc. I’m answering questions like it’s Jeopardy, missing half of what’s going on.

      I find people are less inclined to talk if we aren’t all lounging and instead have individual seats facing forward. To each their own. If you don’t mind that, then it’s fine. If you do, you need those theater-style seats.

      I figure if we want to spread out and chit chat while watching a movie, then I’ll have a family room with a nice big flat screen and lounge seats.

      • Eric

        Ah, well let that be a matter of personal taste.
        Growing up, when watching movies at home, my family would ALWAYS talk and chit chat during a movie, especially if it was one we had seen before. So understandable on that end. 😀

        • Teddi

          Yes. If it’s an action movie or something we’ve seen before, then that’s fine. But I have a deep & abiding love for mysteries, suspense, indie; movies which are very nuanced. When someone is asking me every 5 minutes what’s going on, I’m ready to do bodily harm.

          The first time I saw The Usual Suspects, my cousin kept saying every 15 minutes, “You’ll never guess who it is. You won’t believe who it is.” So then I just chose the least likely person and waited for it to play out. Ruined the entire movie for me. So yeah, I need them in a theater that’ll shut them up or limit their talking at least.

  • Kimberly

    The pool and pool house (sans the lounge chairs) are my favorite area.

  • Daniel

    One of the oddest home theaters I’ve ever seen. Very Joker-esque (Tim Burton era).

  • Venom

    I am going to assume the interior was built or has not seen a redesign since the 80’s. Just terrible.

    Did they steal the staircase and the landing from the local mall?
    Who gave this piece of crap a 5 star rating?


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