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  • rob

    Mixed feelings about this one. Exterior has decent lines but looks pretty bland. Landscaping looks impressive, obviously laid out by the architect to compliment his modern aesthetic. The interior has great proportions and the architect took some real chances. I am not sure about the stairways, but I think I like them. A real departure from the grand sweeping staircase model. The interior architecture looks like a modern art gallery. Whoever decorated this place missed completely. I would have to really look at this place without the interior decoration. Interesting house.

  • Bernie

    Can’t load the pictures anymore!

    • Mak

      Neither can I. I’m running Firefox, and I’ve tried it on two different machines, and I’ve tried it on Explorer, but nope.

      • Clark

        neither can I .

    • Venom

      Yep, still busted for me on Safari.

  • Grrrowler

    It has all the warmth of a museum, but has a little less personality and charm.

    • Venom

      Yep, came to write that too. It gives me a very museum vibe in a lot of parts of it. Luckily I like museums. If I saw photo #3,4 and 5, I would swear I was at the museum in Chicago.

  • Teddi

    I don’t think I’ve ever seen such a grand house work so hard at being so bland.

    Surprisingly, I like the maids’ kitchen better than the main kitchen. And I like the fact that they have separate dining rooms for formal and family. I’m assuming that signifies they have many meals together around a table and not in front of a tv.

    Do not like main stairway, or the area around it. Looks as cold as an art gallery, and though I love the paintings there, they could have tried for warmth instead of cold and impersonal. Ditto with the atrium. Cold and pointless.

    All in all, nothing shockingly bad. But I’ve seen hotels with more personality. It’s like it was built by Adrian Monk. It’s sterile and spartan. Even that awful Guidice-esque Canadian house had personality.


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