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    Overall I like this house, but it just seems like it’s too big for me, despite the fact that it’s “only” 25,000 square feet. The front is too symmetrical but I like the look front the back facade. I just wouldn’t pay $90,000,000 for this.

  • Mak


    • Teddi

      Double whoa

  • Teddi

    I wished the garages and parking spaces were to the rear of the house instead of the front. And I wish the tennis and basketball courts weren’t quite so far away from everything.

    But I do love that the main house is divided up into so many sections. I always think it best to do that in mansions. To have the main living areas together, and then all the other parts, like the gym, theater, maids’ quarters, indoor pool etc in the wings. I think it’s easier to manage a large home that way. Not have everything slapped together in one humongous building.

  • Daniel

    Damn. Finally an appropriate home to go along with the “estate” designation.

    • Teddi


  • Venom

    Holy god that is huge, and yeah, proper estate for sure.

  • Mike Azcarraga

    Hey kenny put the adress


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