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  • Tay

    I’m really finding it hard to believe that Taylor bought that Watch Hill mansion. That place is historic and a New England landmark. The main public beach in Watch Hill is right below it, and the home is not private at all. The town is a zoo in the summer and it is very hard to get into the driveway because beach parking is right at the front entrance. If she did buy it for her family, and she is never there, it is slightly more believable because there is just no way a celebrity of that magnitude could live peacefully there. Plus, the place has been on the market for years and years and needed a lot of work in repairs/ renovating.

  • Daniel

    I love how Barbara Corcoran just responded “She overpaid!” when asked about Taylor buying it for that price. Call me crazy, but I don’t think there is anything worth that price in that state.

    • Daniel

      Except Newport…completely forgot about Newport 😛

  • Mak

    Who cares what some celebrity buys?BFD.

  • Venom

    Why is Taylor Swift buying this house in cash such a big deal to everyone? She has the money, not like she is some D List singer that just came on the scene. With a net worth of almost $100 million, $17 million is not exactly a big deal. Also, most purchases this expensive are cash anyway.

    Corcoran’s response was hilarious though, probably because it is true.

    I assume there is a dungeon so that she can lock up her men so they can’t run away this time.

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