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  • There is nothing I hate about this house, but there also isn’t anything I really like, except for the stairs. Nothing offensively bad, just not the best. Too much white! Also, what is the room in picture 5 supposed to be? It looks like part of a bowling alley, but I’m not sure, who would want to sit in there?

  • Venom

    It’s nice, I like it.

  • Nash

    interesting balcony

  • Grrrowler

    Something I noticed on this house and a couple of Australian houses that were on a TV show recently is that they have glass panels surrounding the pool. It seems in the U.S. the safety fence usually ends up being some sort of metal thing; I’ve seen a few houses in this country with glass safety screens around the pool, but not many. The glass is SO much more attractive and, I would think, just as effective.

  • @townhousemag

    I just saw this house on Domain.com.au as I live in Australia and was saying to myself this could be beautiful if only the fire places were in keeping with the rest of the property. I can forgive the modern kitchen but I cannot forgive the retro fireplaces in such a formal home. I also dont like the track grout lines in the marble flooring I think that looks cheap. The frosted glass balcony should be hedging if they want privacy because the frost also doesnt look like it suits the property.
    I think if they wanted to take risks on design it should have been done with the furniture. A beautiful enormous carerra marble fireplace would have been to die. I love Australian real estate and usually it cops alot of hate mail on this site, and I do love this property, just wish they could have let me consult on a few things haha..


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