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  • Grrrowler

    Talk about multiple personality disorder! Some rooms are are beautifully decorated, and are modern and tasteful. Other rooms look like they were lifted out of the basement of a medieval monastery. I don’t dislike the house, but the dichotomous elements need to be aligned a little more.

  • Chase

    Kind of expensive, I guess, there was a house across the street sold for $2m and its about half the size and probably not even close to being as good looking as this one. So I would say 4.5-5m.

    Also, the photographer took very good photos, but some of the pictures make it look like it has low ceilings.

    Also, I’m guessing other 12 year olds also see in the courtyard(picture #6) what I see.

    • Grrrowler

      I’m actually 10 and I see the same thing. I figured I wouldn’t mention it and bring my phallic obsession to light, but since you brought it up…

  • Venom

    Pretty house, I like it a lot. It looks very cozy and livable considering its size.

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