Hillcrest – A 25,000 Square Foot Shingle Style Mansion In Ridgefield, CT | Homes of the Rich – The #1 Real Estate Blog

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  • Venom

    I like it a lot, very nice home.

  • Daniel

    Not doing a lot for me, and I hate how the stairs touch the front door surround.

    • Dunwood

      The poor “award winning” architect only had 25,000 sf to work with. Sacrifices must be made!

  • architect’s daughter

    interesting house. nice to have the floor plans.

  • Teddi

    It’s fine. I guess I was just expecting more based on the description and size.

    That main entrance perplexes me. I actually thought that was either a friends and family entrance or a service entrance. I don’t get why they chose those dinky stairs for the main entrance. Dinky stairs that end right at the front door. I’m one of those people who think a main entrance should make a statement. This ain’t it.

  • Eric

    Nice house, but it is a bleeding shame that, while we have the floor plans, they are so bloody small that you cannot read anything on them! Everything is a blur. You would really REALLY think they would have them somewhere in a higher resolution.

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