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  • WrteStufLA

    Careful, Kenny — given the awful economic conditions of the 99% over there right now, if you post too many pics of homes of the 1% (or, in this case, of the oligarch 1% OF the 1%), you’re going to spark a revolution! 🙂

  • Daniel

    I bet the interiors in these are downright awful. Exteriors don’t look bad at all.

  • Matt

    ****Please Kenny post this one because in the previous comment I wrote Canari and is Canaria, thnx***

    You obviously write based on what you read and you haven’t been in Spain.

    There’s a lot of money and rich people there, ans it’s still the 4th richest country in Europe and the 12th in the World, all that being a country of only 47 million inhabitants.

    California is broken since 2008 and there are more homeless on the streets of NY than in the entire of Spain.

    Very nice pictures Kenny, please have a look at the modern mansions in La Finca, also in Madrid, one of the best gated communities in Europe. You shoul also have a look as well at the mansion in Mallorca, the South of Spain, the island of Gran Canaria and the suburbs of Barcelona.

  • Matt

    Well I don’t understand why don’t you show my comment.

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