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  • Justice-Rainger

    Don’t like the new way of posting the photos in this blog, pfff.
    Get back the older. Why site owners never ask users before making the stupid renovations?

    • Kenny Forder

      The old way was clearly not working right, I’m still trying to fix it.

      • Venom

        Ignore him, I love the new format. Keep this.

        • Kenny Forder

          Okay, Venom 🙂

    • Kenny Forder

      Also, please let me know why you don’t like the new slideshow feature. It loads the images faster and it actually works. You can also click on the image and another screen will pop up with the picture.

      • Puresouthern

        Kenny, I think the new slider is great.

        • Mak

          I’m glad to see the new slideshow viewer. One thing, though is the resolution. Is that something you have control over?

          • Kenny Forder

            I’ll see what I can do 🙂

  • Grrrowler

    I appreciate that it’s not the typical faux-med or hacienda-style house we see in AZ. I don’t appreciate that it’s a $4 million house on a flag lot. The whole place is definitely unexpected for an AZ house, which isn’t a bad thing, and the privacy is nice, but the lot is just too small.

    Without knowing where this house is, I’d guess that it’s somewhere in the Pac NW based solely on the pics. The interior could be lifted from any one of several houses I’ve been inside in Seattle. It’s cold and kind of dark, but that’s probably welcomed when it’s 110F outside. Some of the furnishings aren’t great, and it feels more like an office than a home in some pics, but a house covered in art is a great thing.

  • Teddi

    I’m guessing the owner has no kids. I will say it’s a pity the owners have to sell, because it’s obvious that they spent a lot of time, effort and money making it fit their particular taste.

    That being said, I’m trying not to come off as harsh, simply because it isn’t my taste, but there isn’t one place in this house that I can actually picture anyone…living. Definitely not living comfortably. It’s all so depressingly dark. Even the tea house looks exceedingly uncomfortable. This coming from a tea snob and self-proclaimed connoisseur (not the crap Americans slap in a tea bag and think is tea. The inventor of Lipton should be shot).
    The huge closet I would usually scream in joy at seeing looks like a low-end Brooklyn clothing store. The dining room looks like conference room, and for all I know that could be what it’s used for. There isn’t a single place in this house that shows itself capable of being a home. It’s a residential structure for art lovers. Not a home.


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