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  • Caliph

    On the other hand, I cannot wait for 27712 Pacific Coast Highway to be finished!

  • Daniel

    Newly built? Could have fooled me…

  • Michael

    The house is BEAUTIFUL, no doubt; but the garage is def. an afterthought and not only lacks space (IMO) but looks out of place as well. I’m also curious about all the empty space next to the tennis courts. Perhaps they just wanted a yard, but still funny.

  • Teddi

    Man, that placement of the garage is bugging the hell out of me. It’s distracting. The type and color of the doors aren’t doing it any favors.

    • Grrrowler

      Yeah, I can’t get past the garage placement. 4 acres and they had to put it there? For this kind of money I would expect a large underground garage.

      As for the rest of the house, it’s nice enough. It isn’t particularly exciting, but it’s nice enough.

      • Teddi

        I’m really not a contemporary person. Give me traditional and/or European any day. As far as this one goes, it’s perfectly fine. But I can’t seem to focus on the house with that garage there. It’s like a personal attack on my OCD.

        Plus, I cannot seem to get past the fact that I’m not seeing $35 million here.

        I get that it’s 4 acres and it’s Malibu, but what’s the point of spending that amount of money in a place like Malibu and not be directly on the ocean? He has a great view, but it’s not $35 million great.

  • Venom

    $35 million? I don’t see it. What’s the one penny for?

    • Mak

      It’s not a penny; it’s a dollar. 😉

      • Teddi

        I was wondering about that too. $35 million and then a buck? Why?
        Is it a numerology thing?

        • rob

          It is some kind of crazy Iranian thing. That explains a lot about this place.

  • Mak

    So they have this tremendous view. So what do they do? They cram the swimming pool and backyard (or is that the front yard in disguise)in between the house and the hill. Then, in a genius masterstroke, they then put the garage out front (or is it back) and a tennis court out back (or is it front) right into the view area. Then to top it all off, they then flatten the backyard (or is that the front yard IDK) to have this massive green thing that will either be a massive PITA to water and cut or it will be brown 70% of the year.

    And then they say it’s worth 35M. Really.

    Now that takes balls.

    • Teddi


  • rob

    Really not doing it for me. I realize they are trying for a clean modern, but it looks boxy and not a lot of detailing. The ceilings look cheap. The placement doesn’t really scream 35 million and one dollar estate to me. Just not feeling it.

  • Mak

    Take a look at Bing birds eye view: http://www.bing.com/maps/?FORM=Z9LH8#JnE9LjIyMjAxJTJiQ2FyYm9uJTJiTWVzYSUyYlJkJTdlc3N0LjAlN2VwZy4xJmJiPTU3LjUyNDAxNTc5MDQ4MDElN2UtMzcuNzExMTA1MzQ2NSU3ZTE0LjEwODc1NDEwMDA3NDUlN2UtMTE3LjI1MjEyMDk3MTU=

    It looks like…hmmm…

    This must be a renovation, because the original has only one “two bay” garage, rather then the current two.

    The grass area looks like it was a pad for another house Perhaps it was consumed in a fire, (like the one below it) and the owners couldn’t afford to rebuild up there so…the builder bought the lot immediately below the house and put the tennis court in and grassed over the rest. It would explain why the house is so far back on the lot in the first place.

    Still, 35M for this is patently absurd.

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