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  • Bella Dunn

    There is absolutely no way ANYONE is going to pay 15M for a home in a suburb of Detroit. Highly overpriced. One would be better served to purchase a home in one of the lakefront Grosse Pointes with a lake view while only spending a couple of million. The kitchen is very very small. I am shocked to see a Michigan home so overpriced. Now I have seen everything.

    • John

      Get real Bella, you have no idea what your talking about.

    • Scott

      Bella, you obviously have no idea about anything! You speak of being a suburb of Detroit? This is not even close to the people of Detroit. When have you been to grosse pointes? It’s next to the ghetto! The Taco Bell even has bullet proof glass. Rochester and Oakland Twp are the nicest living areas around. This might be a lot of money, but there is another 20 million dollar home being built around the corner.

  • Teddi

    Can anyone tell me the need to have 3 times as many bathrooms to bedrooms?
    If they had 10 bedrooms, then okay, maybe I could understand 15 bathrooms (would still be overkill, but okay). But in what world would you need 15 full baths in a house with only 5 bedrooms?

    • Grrrowler

      There are two obvious answers as to why there are three toilets for every one bedroom:

      1. Wealthy people will not to walk very far in order to relieve themselves; having a large number of toilets reduces stains on the rugs.
      2. The original owners were full of shit.

      But seriously, there are probably multiple toilets on the ground floor (who wants to walk from one end of the house to the other for a wee?), one in each of the cabana areas, at least one near the indoor hot tub, and probably two in the master suite. I would also guess that there’s one or two in and/or above the garages, so they add up quickly. Hopefully not all of those would be full bathrooms with tubs and/or showers.

      • Teddi

        Well, that’s my issue. According to Sotheby’s, all 15 bathrooms are full baths. They aren’t powder rooms. I could get the need for multiple toilets, but I cannot comprehend the need for 15 showers/bathtubs in a house of 5 bedrooms.

        When a house is this spread out on a lot of land space, and is less vertical, I get how more bathrooms become necessary. If you’re at one end of 10,000sf, you don’t want to have to walk across the entire width of it to find a bathroom. But I cannot imagine any situation where the need for a shower is so great that it requires having 15 of them scattered around a 5 bedroom house.

        As I said, 10 is feasible. Once you add in one or 2 for the pool area, another for one or 2 for the main floor, and an extra for wherever guests will gather, 10 bathrooms to a 5 bedroom ratio can actually make sense. Not 15.

        To put it in perspective for me, my grandfather’s house had 10 bedrooms, not including the staff quarters, He didn’t have 15 full baths and yet, I never had to wait in line for a bathroom. Never once was it an issue no matter how many people were over for movie night, or boxing night, or domino night. 3 guest bathrooms on the main floor was more than enough to accommodate 20-30 people almost every weekend.

        Unless every single person this owner knows has a cleanliness fetish and a weak bladder, this is nonsense.

        I’d be ripping out showers and tubs and converting at least 3 of them into shoe or coat closets. Maybe another can be a saferoom or hidden vault or something more practical than unneeded bathrooms.

  • Eric

    It is a bloody shame that so many American homes never EVER seem to put up floor plans for their houses…

    This place looks decent enough ((Despite its subpar location)) As for as a MAd Mega Mansion goes it is ‘OK’. Not gross over the top decorations, a bit of charm, and I quite like the mini-pool/conservatory.

    But would it kill them to let us see floorplans for such places? Pictures are all well and good, but it gives us no clue how the house is put together…

  • Don

    Eminem a house is right up the street.
    Maybe he’ll upgrade into this thing.

    Or the city could buy it and fill it with homeless people!

    • Venom

      Eminem’s house is right next door to this. $15 million is laughably optimistic for this house, no matter where it was placed in Michigan. You have to go down the most awful dirt and rock road to get to this house too. He paid only $4 million or so for his house, no way he would ever leave it for this.

      • Nosey

        Eminem’s house is not right next door. It is down the street.

  • Michael

    LOVE the house (exterior) garage of course, and the landscaping….but after looking at how close it was to Detroit i’d pass. Just waaaay to much money.

  • Daniel

    A very nice home.

  • John

    I agree with you on this being a “Pocket Listing”, but what doesn’t make sense is not having current photos….these photos are from 2007. Why would any potential buyer make an appointment based on 6 year old photos.? This is just plain silly…

  • Jorge

    Does anyone know why he’s selling moving out of state? Money problems?

    • Jeff

      It is my understanding that the home owner recently passed away. The wife is now trying to sell the house. The family has plenty of money. The house is over priced but it really is in a beautiful location.

      I really do not understand all the hate against the state of Michigan. It is one of the most beautiful states by far. The bad reputation of the city of Detroit should not reflect the whole state. Michigan has a lot to offer.

  • John

    Hey Realtor, pipe down you couldn’t sling this house in your biggest dreams. Real people with real money would buy this house. A house that is done right and highly respectable.

  • Bob

    It would be crazy to live down the street from Eminem though

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