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  • Venom

    I would normally say the price is insane, but for what things have sold for, who knows. It definitely won’t go for less than $100 million, maybe even $120 million. Hell of a property though.

  • Daniel

    Yikes. I’ll just say that you could buy a lot of property in a lot of great places. Maybe not 50 acres worth, but still quite a lot of other property you could buy.

  • rob

    It will just be a trophy home. There is no way the value is there. Hell, you could buy up two 30 acre parcels and build something better and bigger for less than this. This will never sell at anywhere near that price.

    PS Welcome back

    • Teddi

      OMG, can you imagine what kind of house you could build if $190 million was your budget? Probably a 100,000sf on a thousand acres. We’ve seen what $50 million can build.

      Actually, I’m not even sure if I can imagine the kind of estate $190 million could build. There is just so much square footage and so many amenities a megamansion could have for a single family before it would get too utterly ridiculous to live in.

      • Dilettante

        Well to put things in perspective, Marble House in Newport, RI cost $11 million to construct in 1892, which is around $260 million today, so $190 might be able to get you something close to that. That being said, Marble House is nowhere near 100,000 sq. ft, nor on 1000 acres.

        • Teddi

          The fact is, we’ve seen some ridiculously large mega mansions in extremely affluent neighborhoods for much much less than this.

          That hideous Versailles monstrosity was going to cost somewhere in the region of $100M. Obviously I’d have to take into account that it’s located in nowhereville, Florida, but even so, the fact still remains you can build a whole lot more house for $190M than buy this one.

          There are also amazing estates in Greenwich, close to this one that are a quarter of the price. Or if you wanted to build, there is 10 acres of land in Conyers Farm, right on the water for $10M, and no doubt you’d be able to build an one of a kind dreamhouse there for less. The price just makes no sense when you can get better estates in the same community for under $40M.

  • JD

    What a freakin’ joke. $190M divided by five is $38M. That’s enough to basically buy or build your dream home in five cities anywhere in the world. I’m thinking innercoastal in Florida, a penthouse in Manhattan, Lake Tahoe, of course London England and then that incredible place in Positano Italy. Hmmmm….. Just running the math in my head it seems I have about $50 million left. $190 million…….pffft.

    • Venom

      Well if you live in Greenwich CT. and are buying an almost $200 million place the assumption is you are a billionaire that makes your money in finance in NYC and need to live around there, otherwise there is no way in hell this place would cost that much. It is most indeed a trophy property also.

      The prime areas of Up North Michigan go for around $1,000 a foot on the water and at one point I think as high as $2,500 a foot so the pricing on this is not that insane really.

      • JD

        Well I guess if someone built it, someone else will buy it. This goes to show me that the wealthiest people in the world are not always the smartest.

        • Teddi

          Naw, too many megamansions built for the sole purpose of attracting a 1%er to buy it that just sit there and then eventually get foreclosed on. THEN someone buys it. These people didn’t become billionaires by being idiots. $2500/sf on this would still only get you to under $38M for this property. Even if we doubled the price because it’s Connecticut and not Michigan, now you’re at $75 million. Are we to believe the land is worth $115 million? It’s patently absurd. Monaco has the most expensive real estate in the world. anywhere between $5400 and $7200 per square foot. Why in the world would you spend more than that for Greenwich when Greenwich isn’t even the tax haven Monaco is?

  • Grrrowler

    I know I’ve said it before, but a thing is worth whatever someone will pay, at least to that someone. However, if someone pays asking price for this, they’re crazy. It’s definitely a special property but the price is ludicrous. It does generate a lot of free publicity, which is probably the real reason for the asking price.

  • CometHunter

    “…main house that needs some updating…” Hmm…

    One can only imagine the sticker price if this home WAS fully up-graded!

  • Barney

    Like I’ve said countless times before the RAVING PSYCHOTIC NUTBAGS like the Sellers and Agent who agreed to this heroin-induced price make me embarrased FOR them. Human beings and their ETERNALLY ENDLESS GREED make me want to PUKE VIOLENTLY.

  • Teddi

    A $190 million fixer-upper? Who are they kidding? Even that hideous Versailles house wasn’t loony enough to charge this much.

    That being said, the grounds are really well done. But I’m wondering how bad the interior is that no one is showing it.

    Even if this house had historical importance, $190m is absurd. I believe people are listing houses at these ridiculous price to get the free publicity. “The most expensive home in America, news at 11”. But no billionaire is going to pay this much. Billionaires actually have excellent business sense. They’ll pay for things that they believe will make good investments. Places like NY, London, Tokyo, Monaco. Where space is limited, prices rarely plunge, and where address in a certain building or street makes a statement.

    I don’t care how rich you are, no one in their right mind will buy this house for this price, and the owners know it. This is nothing but a marketing ploy. They’ve been a lot of properties for over $100M that sit on the market for years and sell for much less. They’d be lucky to get half of the asking price.

    • Venom

      You don’t think a 15,000 sq.ft home on a private peninsula on 50 acres with 4,000 ft of water frontage in Greenwich, CT is a worthwhile investment and is not a prestigious property, really?

      • Teddi

        Not for $190 million dollars, no. That’s not an investment, that’s lunacy.

        If they got a good price for it, then it would be an investment. But you spend $190 million dollars for a 15,000 sf house, and the $190M is just the tip of the iceberg because it needs work done on it. In which dreamworld would that be considered a sound investment?

        You’d have to assume the real estate market would never crash again, assume there will never be another depression or recession and if all those factors are guaranteed, then the buyer’s great great grandchild might see it grow to be worth that much. Why not get the Frick estate, or the Crispin Hicks estate, or the Tranquility estate in Lake Tahoe instead? All larger, none in need of repairs, and all cost much much less than this.

  • Ted

    $190 mil is definitely too much for the land and house. But I would buy it, knock down the current house and build a mega mansion.

    • Teddi

      Or, you can build a mega mansion and leave this one up to act as your guest house. That’ll be a boast no one else can match. Having a 100 year old, 15,000sf guest house.

  • Mak

    There are a lot of BSD’s in (or who want to be) in Greenwich, and there will never EVER be 50 contiguous acres of water front land in town. Not now, not ever. One of those BSD’s will decide that the only trophy that they can own, that no one else can, is that 50 acres. It will sell.

  • Mak

    Here’s the thing:

    There are a LOT of BSD’s around here, and there isn’t a lot of 50 acre LI waterfront properties. Now, one of those BSD’s is going to figure out that since there isn’t ANY, nor will there ever be, EVER again, a 50 acre piece of waterfront property here, that’s a sure sign of a exclusive thing to own. If you have a couple of billion dollars doing exactly what a billion dollars does these days, spending 190M on something that no one else will ever EVER own is pretty much something that you can afford to do.

    And why the hell not. What else are you going to spend your money on? Hell, 190M doesn’t get you a bigger boat then Abramovich, so why bother? If you want to spend some time around the office (in Greenwich) then what are you going to do; live on Round Hill road with a bunch of other schmucks?

    Yes, it’s crazy, but that’ how BSD’s think, and what BSD’s do.

  • Josh

    First of all, Mak, if you’re going to use an acronym 5 times in a post, perhaps at least the first time could be used to clarify what it means. BSD’s? What are these. Billionaire Saudi Demigods? Brash Swinging Denizens? Big-schlonged Doctors?
    As to the home and the 190 price: I hope there’s $165 million stashed in the attic or something. This is over 14k per square foot! No justification for that. Is this seller’s neighbor quickly listing his 3,200sf cottage as a quaint $45m hideaway? You’d think the listing agent would at least take a picture of the property’s tree that apparently grows money on it.

    • rob

      Big Schlonged Doctors, oh my!

      • Mak

        haha…opps…I’m sorry. Big Swinging Dicks. It used to be used to describe bigtime wallstreet mortgage traders, but now it means a big hedge fund guy.

        • Tony

          Ooh Mak, shame on you! Such language! Oh my! I thought you were a nice sweet lady LOL

          • Mak

            oh helz no 😉

    • Venom

      You do realize that land has value right, especially waterfront land, it’s not free. This is Greenwich, CT on top of that to boot.

      • Amalia

        You are making it sound as if Greenwich is some kind of Holy land. It’s Connecticut. It ain’t filled with moonbeams and rainbows. Just rich people. Whole lot of places with people just as rich and water just as blue. And the “mansions” don’t have window AC’s sticking out the windows right at the front of the house.
        I read the Forbes article on this property and the attempt at justification for it given prices in the area. Bottom line is they’re being greedy. They are trying to justify the 50 acres being worth about $110 million dollars (supposedly they can justify the house being worth $87 million pfffft) for no other reason than it’s being sold together. Who are they kidding? I’d rather get a kickass condo in Manhattan or live next to JLo in the Hamptons for that much. What’s Branson’s island worth? I’ll get me something like that for $190 Million and rent it out to Mariah Carey too so I can see some return on investment.

        • Dave

          I think you’re missing the point. Ignore the house and the window ac. It’s the land and the location. Greenwich may not be a holy land, but it is the most prestigious address within 45 minutes of NYC. A 3 acre home in Greenwich on 300 ft of waterfront sells for between $25 million and $40 million. This has 50 acres and 4,000 ft of waterfront. You don’t need to be a math major to figure this one out. Besides, who would want to live next to J.Lo on Long Island 2 hours from New York City anyway?

  • Josh

    Look at the 4th picture of the front — that is priceless! The only 9-figure home in the world where the A/C unit hanging out of the window could practically drip on guests as they enter. Hahahaha

    • Teddi

      ROFLMAO!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Priceless. How could I have missed that?

      In their defense, they did say the place needed work. Perhaps central air is part of the work it needs.

  • Nutmegger

    This is an irreplaceable site – 50 acres on the water, with 4,000 feet (that’s 4/5 of a mile) of frontage on the sound. Plus, it’s two parcels, so there’s already a cut. I don’t know which parcel the house sits on, but, assuming you could get subdivision authority (I’m talking big lots, say 4 acres) even if you lose a couple for roads, etc. you’re talking 3 to 4 lots on the water in Greenwich with a private beach, with the owner retaining the house and the big parcel. Assuming – I know it might be a stretch – that you could get that approval, what’s that make those lots worth. I’ll bet the buyer – if it comes any where near the price – buys subject to approvals. Anyone know if there are sewers and city water?

  • James franklin

    This property also comes with two islands. Poorly written article.

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